Recently, and deservedly, made a UNESCO world heritage site, the Coffee Triangle is hidden away in the rolling hills of Colombia. It is a lush green landscape dotted with coffee plantations, spectacular flora and fauna, and brightly coloured haciendas provide fantastic accommodation. The beauty of the area is not to be undermined, and aside from visiting the coffee plantations, horse riding, walking and trekking are all fantastic in the area.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Coffee is what makes Colombia tick, so the beautiful coffee region is not to be missed, even if you aren't an afficionado. Stay in a traditional hacienda while you learn all about the coffee-making process, and explore the local villages - it's a slice of real, authentic Colombia.

Our guide to holidays in The Coffee Triangle

The coffee triangle of Colombia is comprised of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio, of which Manizales, Pereira and Armenia are the most important towns.

Visiting the coffee farms is obviously a must when in the area, and one of Colombia's major draw cards. We can arrange tours of the local coffee plantations where guests can learn about the process of making coffee, from cultivation to preparation of the worlds' most loved drink.

Our Latin America team have hand picked some of the best haciendas to make trips to the region all the more enjoyable, from the luxurious Sazagua on the outskirts of Pereira, to the colonial Hacienda Bambusa near Quindio.

Although not strictly in the Coffee Triangle, Medellin is also well worth a visit. It is the second largest city in Colombia, and once also one of the most dangerous in the world, it is now firmly on the tourist map as an up and coming destination, and one not to be missed. We can even arrange tours with Pablo Escobar's brother, who is living proof of just how much it has changed in the last two decades.

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