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There is plenty to do and see in Colombia’s verdant coffee region, one of the most obvious perhaps being a visit to a coffee plantation to see how coffee is made.

The process from plant to pot is fascinating, from the beginning stage of picking the beans, to cleaning and drying, and then packing them up. In theory this sounds like a walk in the park, whereas in actual fact it is a fairly long and meticulous process, mainly carried out by hand.

One hacienda that produces delicious Colombian coffee is Hacienda Venecia near Manizales. Generations of families have worked here, and continue to do so, and give fascinating insights into the world of coffee making. We can arrange tours that give visitors a history of coffee and the region, and a chance to do plenty of sampling of course.

The landscape and climate are primarily responsible for the quality of coffee that remains Colombia's biggest export, and is spectacular. Visitors come to this region simply to bask in the beauty of the rolling hills of Colombia's Coffee Triangle, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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