What To Do in the American West

There are two simply unmissable experiences in the American West: visiting the National Parks and joining in the cowboy lifestyle on a ranch. The beauty of having 84 million acres of National Parks across the United States is that they never feel crowded, and their novelty never seems to wear off. Whether it be Yellowstone, the world's first National Park, which is so huge it spills over into three states and is home to bears, bison, geysers, and so much more; or the unmissable Grand Canyon National Park, where you can marvel at the inconceivable immensity of the Canyon.

There is no greater image of the American West than a cowboy atop a horse donning a Stetson hat; and so a trip here would not be complete without doing the very same. Whether you want to bring the family to a cowboy ranch, fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle at a dude ranch, or become part of the team on a working ranch, we can arrange the perfect experience for you. Take a look at our top activities to do in The American West for more.

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What to do in The American West

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