Luxury Holidays in Canada

Canada is the outdoor capital of the Northern hemisphere with its vast landscapes cloaked in wildlife, wild forests, rugged mountains, beautiful coastlines and fresh water rivers.

The world's second largest country, Canada's star luxury holiday attraction is its sheer vastness - this place is the very definition of the 'great outdoors'.

Canada boasts wild and woolly mountain ranges, lakes the size of seas, ancient forests and dramatic coastline - all adding up a vast playground for outdoor activities from skiing to kayaking to polar bear safaris. Better still, this is an all year round destination, with some spots such as Whistler as attractive and accessible in winter as in summer.

Elsewhere, Original Travel consultants have heli-skied with Mike Wiegele (generally considered the best heli-ski outfit in the world) in British Columbia, and watched bears in the wilds of Vancouver Island which is to give some sense of scale, the same size as Wales. So, if you like your outdoors great, we're here to advise on where is greatest.

Our well seasoned travel experts have travelled the width and breadth of the country and can advise on the best spots to watch a bear catch a salmon or where the most picturesque waterfalls are hidden. Original Travel will tailor make the perfect Canadian itinerary to ensure you make the very most of your time away. Canada is a large country, with large places to see and large experiences to be had.

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Rocky Road Trip
If You Do Three Things
Drive Through the Rockies

Drive through the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and the four adjoining national parks that make up this UNESCO World Heritage area: Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho. Along the way enjoy some incredible road-side scenery from snow-capped mountain peaks and brilliant blue lakes to canyons and limestone caves. Expect flashbacks to school geography lessons as you spot glacial valleys and canyons and examples of erosion and deposition.

Killer Whales, Vancouver Island
If You Do Three Things
Go Whale Watching from Vancouver Island

Head out on a boat from Vancouver in search of a whole host of marine life including whales, porpoises, seals and sea lions. Grey, humpback and killer whales (orcas) can all be seen in these waters, but the most commonly sighted species are grey baleen whales, as over 20,000 of them migrate through the area each year on their way to Alaska, before heading back to Mexico.

Rocky Mountaineer train
If You Do Three Things
Take a Trip on the Rocky Mountaineer

Take in some of Canada's most spectacular scenery aboard the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train, where the views often look more like postcards than real life. The train has glass domed carriages so you can properly take in your surroundings as you pass glaciers and snow-capped mountains, as well as the more desert-like landscapes of the British Columbia Interior, with its canyons and pine forests.

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A Note on Price

Excluding flights, a trip to Canada usually starts from around £2,000 to £3,000 per person.

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