‘Whoosh’, a spout of sea mist glazes onlookers as a gentle, barnacled giant rises from the blue depths. White frothing waves surround its glistening form as a huge, knowing eye connects with yours. Any real-life encounter with a whale is an unforgettable moment, and with 33 species of whales traversing the two oceans that surround Canada, there are few better places to see these magnicent marine creatures. The peaceful waters off the shores of Quebec are the gateway to the Atlantic and for Pacific ocean-viewing, Granville Island off the coast of Vancouver is where you want to be. The Atlantic delivers
the motherload - with more than 20 species of whale calling it home - while the west coast’s Pacific hides humpbacks and grey whales, with orcas dominating watching trips. With salt in your hair and cheeks flushed red by the sea-breeze; watch as humpbacks, minke and blue whales arrive to greet you. Camera-hogging humpbacks put on a show for visitors and chatty belugas announce your arrival. Canada whale watching holidays are one trip you are guaranteed to never forget.

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