Itinerary Highlights
    • Tour of New Brunswick by car, with country inns and excellent cuisine

    • Pic Park in private, kayaking the Hopewell Rocks, whale watching in small boats: all in the itinerary

    • Admissions to the Museum of Civilisation, the Acadian village, the Sagouine region: also planned

    • Smartphone app, hire car, GPS, local Concierge, all our usual additional services

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Quebec City to New Brunswick

A loop around New Brunswick with two nights in Quebec City. The gems on this trip are Bic National Park, where you come into contact with the untouched nature of eastern Canada; Caraquet, home to the Acadians; Miramichi, where the Indian cheese paneer is made; Saint-Louis, on the edge of Kouchibouguac Park; Shediac, the world's lobster capital; Fundy National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve; Saint Andrews, also frequented by whales; Fredericton and Kamouraska , which are more than just stops along the way.
They are also sugar maples, yellow birches, balsam firs, moose, seals, beavers, large woodpeckers, bald eagles, and eastern whip-poor-wills, among others. Add to that are beautiful forest landscapes, wild coastlines and serene meadows.

Your journey:

Two smart, urban hotels in Quebec City and, along the loop, inns and guesthouses. And from one restaurant to the next, you'll discover that Canadian cooks do wonders with the bountiful produce they get from the land. Whether city, town, village, or nature park, each stop adds to the overall context of the trip. You're not just wandering aimlessly. One thought on the driving: be a bit cautious away from the motorway network: the Canadian climate is not gentle on asphalt, so there can be potholes. Given the distances involved, a car provides you with both transport and independence. That's why we've booked one for you. We've planned a number of attractions for you: The Museum of Civilisation (Quebec), the Acadian village (Caraquet), the Sagouine region (Shediac). And a few guided outings: Parc du Bic, Hopewell Rocks (Fundy), whale watching (Saint Andrews). That saves you time researching, so you have more time to explore. The black bear option is a good one. If something unexpected pops up along the way, you'll have the contact details of our local Concierge, who knows the area intimately.


Everything is 100% tailored to you

Flight to Quebec City (via Montreal)

Collect your hire car. Overnight stay on the Old Port in a hotel with a 19th-century facade, wood-paneled interiors, library and neat tableclothes in the dining room. The rooms are similarly traditional, but with the exposed sections of brick or stone for that urban industrial feel which is de rigeur these days. Breakfast is served in the hotel. Other meals are taken in the neighbourhood, where the restaurants show their creative spirit.
Already included in the itinerary - Admission to the Museum of Civilisation. This institution hosts many temporary exhibitions based around the twin pillars of 'It's Our History' and 'The Age of the Quebecers'. The collections are built on a wealth of objects and documents, from wampum necklaces to jukeboxes.


Quebec - Bic National Park

Road to Bic National Park, on the St. Lawrence Estuary. Two-night stay in Rimouski at a red inn with theatrical decor. This baroque spirit can also be seen in the restaurant, but the high quality ingredients and the chef's skills make for dishes that are both spectacular and delicious.


Bic National Park

Included in the itinerary - Private nature walk in Bic National Park. Accompanied by a guide, go in search of some of the park's most notable residents. Among the birds, the common eider can often be spotted; waders, ducks and geese are abundant here. The bald eagle can be seen on the cliffs of the Murailles trail and the golden eagle at the Raoul-Roy lookout. It's also a rare chance to catch a glimpse of the short-eared owl: there are only a few left. Moose and white-tailed deer are the ungulate (hoofed) species found here. The big cat here is the lynx, but it's rarely seen. Raccoons are extremely friendly; North-American porcupines are abundant; beavers are industrious. Harbour and grey seals frequent the area, and sunbathe on the rocks. With maple, oak, fir, spruce and pine, the park's forest cover is rich and diverse.


Bic National Park - Caraquet

Road to Caraquet. Two-night stay in view of Chaleur Bay. The hotel dates from 1891 and has lost none of its Victorian charm: salmon pink walls, green roofs, white door frames and balconies. The house has been in the Paulin family ever since. The decoration is pretty if conservative, but it fits in so well with its surroundings that guests are sure to love it. The restaurant has a well-established reputation. Local ingredients are used in an inventive and brilliant cuisine, complemented by wines from the fine cellar.



Included in the itinerary - Admission to the Acadian Historical Village. The village is located in Bertrand, which adjoins Caraquet to the west, and includes some 60 ancient buildings: farms, administrative and commercial buildings, workshops and the Canadian National Railway station. The traditional life of the Acadian countryside has been revived there, from the 18th century to the mid-20th century. Extras in period costumes operate the machines, engage in various crafts and provide entertainment. At Maison Dugas, you can eat pea soup, pork and beans, bread poutine, creamy salted cod, blueberry cake, etc. The atmosphere is cheerful and relaxed, which does not prevent the continuation of rigorous heritage work.


Caraquet - Miramichi

Road to Miramichi. Overnight stay by the Miramichi River in a modern property. Expect standard hotel decoration. The rooms are functional, comfortable and very well equipped. The restaurant opens out onto the water. It has a brasserie style menu. It doesn't have oodles of personality, but at this stage of the trip the indoor pool is exactly what you need.
Optional - Black bear watching.


Miramichi - St. Louis

Road to St. Louis. Night on the opposite shore. The hotel is simple, rustic and welcoming. A meadow leads down to the Kouchibouguac River. The bedroom window looks out over it. The wooden walls make for a cosy atmosphere. The quilts are striped, Scottish and floral; they add a cheerful touch to the room. The bathrooms are very decent. The breakfast gives you a real energy boost. Full of get-up-and-go, head out to Kouchibouguac National Park, just two and a half miles away. There, it is possible to see the ospreys hunting, hear coyotes howling and get a whiff of skunk.


St. Louis - Shediac

Road to Shediac. Overnight stay in the centre of the small town. Visitors stay at a house built in 1911. The rooms are thoughtfully furnished and decorated. The finished look is harmonious, with careful attention paid to details. In the kitchen, the chef cooks up surf and turf cuisine that is unusually sophisticated and hearty. The creamy seafood chowder and cast-iron chicken are good examples of this.
Included in the itinerary - Admission to the Pays de la Sagouine theatrical village. This village is an ideal reconstruction of a fishing village during the Acadian (French colonial) era. It represents the opportunity to convey, through shows and sketches, the spirit of the small Acadian population. Let yourself be carried away by the contagious good humour and the commitment of the actors. One thing to note - the staff speaks English, but the shows themselves are done in French.


Shediac - Fundy National Park

Road to Fundy National Park. Two-night stay at the park entrance. The cabin has its own private terrace. The inside is made from red spruce. It has a bedroom, which is basic but very comfortable, a bathroom, a living room area and a fully equipped kitchenette. A very comfortable home from home. The Bay of Fundy is famous for the magnitude of its tides, which are more than 50ft high. The dock of the fishing village of Alma is an ideal place to appreciate this phenomenon: the boats rise and descend on the great waves.

DAY 10

Fundy National Park

Fundy is home to the same wildlife as other parks. If you've missed the rusty blackbird or snowshoe hare so far, you can catch up with them here. Generally, the forest consists of maple (Acer saccharum and Acer rubrum), birch (Betula papyrifera and Betula alleghaniensis), balsam fir (Abies balsamea) and red spruce (Picea rubens).
Included in the itinerary - Sea kayaking at Hopewell Rocks. With a private guide, paddle out to the stones of Hopewell Cape, which are like flowerpots, rock pinnacles that are overgrown with vegetation. Here, the tides are around 33ft high. Disembark and walk through an area. Then it's back onto the boat.

DAY 11

Fundy National Park - St. Andrews

Road to St. Andrews. Overnight stay between Chamcook Moutain and Passamaquoddy Bay, in a beautiful, two-storey house dating from the early 20th century. A simple country elegance reigns here. In the large garden, there are wild grasses, flowerbeds and a swimming pool. Here again, the restaurant has caught the attention of foodies. Chef Chris Aerni is a maestro. He grows his vegetables organically, visits local farmers and waits for the fishermen on the dock. Then, with what he brings back, he creates subtle gastronomic treats that appeals to all the senses.
Included in the itinerary - Whale watching. Approaching whales at sea is always an emotional moment. Humpback whale, right whale, Minke whale, fin whale... hold your breath as the zodiac boat brings you near these cetaceans. A private guide accompanies the outing (from May to September).

DAY 12

St Andrews - Fredericton

Road to Fredericton, the provincial capital. Overnight stay in Waterloo Row, within walking distance of the city centre A peaceful neighbourhood and historic house. Built in 1840, it has been meticulously restored with discrete nods to the modern world. As a result, visitors can enjoy today's services in an old time atmosphere. The three bedrooms are decorated and furnished in a particularly cosy style. Who could even think of leaving? Except, perhaps, to go to the library, whose leather armchairs and fireplace are a temptation in their own right. For breakfast (coffee, tea, fruit, muffins, coffee cake, a selection of bread and a hot dish of the day), the table in the dining room bow-window is wonderful.

DAY 13

Fredericton - Kamouraska

Road to Kamouraska, halfway between Isle-aux-Coudres and the mouth of the Saguenay River, opposite the National Wildlife Area of the estuary islands. This serendipitous geographic location heralds the natural beauty of the Lower St. Lawrence region. Come here to enjoy the benefits of the salt waters of the estuary and the surrounding villages with their colourful facades, which, like Kamouraska, are members of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec.
Overnight stay in a charming little house not far from the St. Lawrence River, which can be seen from some of the rooms. The other rooms face the garden, where there is a lovely outdoor swimming pool and terrace that gets the sun.

DAY 14

Kamouraska - Quebec

Road to Quebec City. Overnight stay in Old Quebec. The hotel is located on Rue Saint-Pierre and was the first skyscraper in Quebec City. Nine floors built in the 1910s by the Dominion Fish and Fruit company. Today, it is a luxury establishment, which has managed to skilfully combine historic surrounds and contemporary design. White, black, grey and oatmeal, the hues go well with the rigorous architecture. The rooms combine comfort and minimalism. After a string of cabins, this is a return to urban designs. The gym is state-of-the-art. And the terrace is perfect for an evening drink.

DAY 15

Quebec - return flight (via Montreal)

Return rental car to the airport and catch your return flight.

A la carte

Miramichi - Black bear observation

It is possible to see black bears (Ursus americanus) during tours in the Acadieville area. Th bears are widespread, but their size, weight and occasionally grumpy mood mean viewing them from a watchtower is a good solution. Separate from one another, man and bear are at ease. The latter goes about his business, while the former strives for that ultimate instagram shot. Everyone is happy. While you watch, a guide will provide basic zoological information.

Option - Half day

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £3,215 to £4,020 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised itinerary. The average starting price for this trip is £3,480 per person.
  • International flights to Quebec with a scheduled airline

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge

  • Rental of a category E vehicle for 14 days

  • Our app, loaded with your itinerary, hotel details and recommended places to visit

  • Overnight stay in Quebec City in a double room with breakfast included

  • Two-night stay in Bic in a double room with half board included

  • Two-night stay in Caraquet in a double suite with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Miramichi in a double room (room only)

  • Overnight stay in Saint-Louis in a double room with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Shediac in a double room with breakfast included

  • Two-night stay in Fundy National Park in a double cabin (room only)

  • Overnight stay in St. Andrews in a double room with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Fredericton in a double room with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Kamouraska in a double room with breakfast included

  • Final night in Quebec City in a double room with breakfast included

  • Admission to the Museum of Civilisation in Quebec City

  • A private walk in Bic National Park with a guide

  • Admission to the Acadian Historical Village

  • Admission to the Pays de la Sagouine theatrical village with lunch on site

  • Sea kayaking at Hopewell Rocks with a private guide

  • Whale-watching trip in zodiac boats off the coast of St. Andrews with a private guide

  • A host of additional services are included when travelling with us, including Our local Concierge service

  • Our local Concierge service
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