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The Tented Camp at Dera Amer is nestled in the foothills of the Aravali Range, and provides a 'glamping' experience quite unlike any other.

Surrounded by the rural landscape of northern Jaipur, the elephant camp at Dera Amer have just added four hand crafted tents to their repetoire, offering visitors the chance to stay overnight, and spend plenty of time with their new Ele friends. Each tent has an en suite bathroom, and is surprisingly sophisticated given the rural setting. The camp is utterly private, and so dependent upon the number of guests, all or just a couple of the tents can be pitched on request. Homemade and organic meals are served, to be enjoyed al fresco in the still evening air.

The main attraction of Dera Amer is undoubtedly the beautiful elephants that call the camp home. Feed them bananas, bathe them and even paint their trunks with the colourful designs usually reserved for festivals and celebrations (using all natural paints, of course). Spending time with the elephants and their mahouts (trainers), guests can learn about these gentle giants, and even enjoy a safari, passing a 300 year old hindu temple.

Just a five minute walk away is the medieval temple of Gopal JI, as well as the homes of the Tribes of Meena, whose home this region has been since ancient times. The children, school and farms are incredibly insightful into daily life here, while wandering around the sparse scenery is a beautiful sight.

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