Gothenburg and the West Coast

Gothenburg Holidays: An Overview

There's a lot more to Sweden than Stockholm and Lapland. We at Original Travel particularly recommend the charms of holidays to Gothenburg, the country's second city, and the beautiful west coast archipelago of some 8,000 islands.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Salt & Sill, a floating hotel and restaurant, is just herring island, where 40% of Sweden's herring comes from. As you can imagine, that's a LOT of herrings

Luxury Holidays to Gothenburg: The Detail

To many outside Sweden this is secret Scandinavia, and long may that last- it's an area made special by its wide open spaces inhabited by a small population, the downright beautiful scenery and the range of wholesome activities on offer. Add in enough culinary highlights to sate the appetite of the most demanding of gastronauts and this is perfect Big Short Break country.

The elegant and friendly city of Gothenburg is the gateway to the region and worth at least a day's exploration, either on foot or by bike. By night the place has a fun atmosphere as this is a big student town, and there's the chance to eat at one of four Michelin-starred restaurants and many other excellent eateries.

There are increasingly regular flights from the UK so the city is a plausible weekend break in it's own right but we would definitely recommend extending the holiday a couple of days in order to explore the islands and inlets of the Bohuslän coastal region.

There are several excellent boutique properties in the tiny and colourful clapboard communities hugging the shoreline, and this is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors, either on walks or on the water messing about in boats or by kayak. The coastal waters are warm in summer, and with no strong currents and no tidal waters, this really is the perfect place to paddle.

Even better, the culinary exploration continues beyond Gothenburg, and the tourist board has created Taste of West Sweden a list of the 25 best places to eat (and sometimes stay) in the region, many of which are far from the city. The west coast's shellfish, such as lobster and oysters, are among the best in the world, and we can arrange hands-on experiences such as seafood safaris.

We can arrange lobster safaris where you sail along the stunning coast with a skipper, helping to haul up and reset the pots; learn how to prepare and cook lobsters and then sample the catch, perhaps after enjoying a drink in the outdoor hot tub. Crayfish is a particular speciality in August before lobster season starts in late September when the weather should still be pretty nice.

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