The beach. It’s the holy grail of family travel.

There's nothing kids love more than splashing around in the shallows, master-minding entire sand kingdoms (castles are so 2013) and perhaps even a spot of French cricket.

Now we all know good old Blighty is not the most reliable when it comes to beach-worthy weather, and spending rainy week after rainy week stuck inside the house with over excited children on school holidays does not sound all that appealing to us, and so that's where our collection of luxury family beach holidays in the sun comes in. We know all the best places for a luxury family holiday on the beach, whatever time of year you're travelling, whether that be Cyprus in the summer, the Caribbean over Christmas or the Maldives for Easter (or all three) - we've got you covered.

While we may live on an island lined with beaches, these can often involve cold, windy days spent wrapping your children in coats to stop from shivering after a swim in the sea (while refusing to admit that we're not having fun, because we're British). So why not instead trade that in for a white-sand beach and warm turquoise waters that you'll have to drag your children out of at the end of the day, and (almost) guaranteed sun, where the only weather-related worry you'll have is if you've covered them in enough water-resistant sun cream.

Are we nearly there yet? Mention that you're heading beach-wards to your little monsters and this will be the inevitable question… for the next five hours. Well fear not, because we've joined forces with much-loved children's party people, Sharky & George, who will create a carefully selected goodie bag filled with bits and bobs to keep them entertained throughout the trip.

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Family Fun with Original Travel

Planning a successful family holiday takes a similar amount of organisation and fortitude as a small scale military operation. But fear not, our team of specialists (many of whom are parents themselves) are here to take the stress out of the planning process so those toddler tantrums and teenage meltdowns are kept to a minimum.

From our carefully curated Sharky & George fun packs, which keep children entertained on those long journeys, to knowing the most family-friendly hotels and holding client focus groups, we pride ourselves on making sure that you have the best family holiday imaginable because there's no more important time together.

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