Every child aged three to ten who goes on an Original Travel holiday receives one of our family packs. Designed in partnership with the hugely popular children’s party people Sharky & George, the packs are designed to entertain and inform children, pique their curiosity about destinations, and provide some much-needed distraction and interest in those flashpoint ‘I’m bored’ moments like the airport or a long transfer. We also wanted to take a sustainable approach, so the packs are entirely recyclable. Don’t forget to pack coloured pens or pencils for the children – knowing most families have plenty, we didn’t want to add to your clutter!

Interactive map


The doodle-covered world map is ideal for colouring in by younger children and contains lots of geographic general knowledge questions for older ones. On the back are a series of games and challenges designed for every eventuality, from a family safari or beach holiday to taking a flight. Airport ‘I spy’ challenge, anyone?

Journal family pack


If you’ve long suspected your little one is a proto-Picasso or budding Bronte sister, then our journal is the canvas on which they can start their career. Encourage them to sketch the wildlife they see on the trip, or to write a daily travel diary, or simply use the journal for endless rounds of hangman. Their journal, their call.

Destination booklet


Arguably the most important part of the pack, the destination booklet is specific to the country you as a family are visiting and contains a quick quiz and fast facts about everything from the local lingo to the national dish. At Original Travel we are big advocates of ‘stealth learning’, where children absorb information about a range of subjects without even realising they’re learning. Our destination booklets are a perfect example. Encourage the children to ask the locals for help with the answers. Parents, feel free to join in!