Learning New Skills Sabbaticals

Make the world your classroom. What better way to learn a skill than on an immersive sabbatical, where you have the freedom to dedicate proper time to your pursuit? As well as being incredibly rewarding, learning new skills keeps you sharp, so don’t worry about the sabbatical-shaped gap in your CV. Fill it with all the transferable skills you picked up en route and you'll make yourself a better candidate than ever.

Learn a Language With a Local

Whether you're mad about Mandarin or fanatical about French, earn yourself some serious achievement points (in both work and life) by learning a language on your sabbatical. Lessons with a friendly and qualified local are the perfect way to get it started; then, with some basics under your belt, you can practise to your heart's content as you live like a local or travel around. How about challenging yourself to speak no English at all for a portion of the trip?

Perfect Pictures in Botswana

Whether you're a beginner or semi pro, take your photography to the next level on a dedicated photography safari, taking the time to really capture that perfect shot - hippo yawning, lion pouncing or lilac breasted roller, er, rolling. The right lodge (we know ones with amazing hides) and a professional photographic guideare crucial to putting you in the right place at the right time, and teaching you skills you can then use on the rest of your adventures.

Move to The Music in Latin America

A universal expression of feelings and desires, dancing forms a huge part of cultures around the world, and nowhere more so than in Latin America. With the help of our expert instructors, learn to tango in Argentina, salsa in Cuba or samba in Brazil. Before you know it you'll be wiggling your way into Rio Carnival's sambadromo parade ground - by exclusive invitation, which we can sort.

Learn to Cook

Serving something you have lovingly made yourself is immensely soul-soothing and satisfying in equal measure. The eating part is pretty fun, too. You may have tried your hand at a pad thai, mole or pintxo (Basque tapas) at home, but it adds a whole new dimension to visit a vibrant market, pick fresh ingredients and learn to cook up an authentic culinary creation with a local cook talking you through each step. Pick up recipes and techniques from around the world to impress dinner guests for a lifetime.

Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is about more than getting a sweat on, focusing instead on the relationship between mind and body. Thailand's national sport dates from the 18th century, when Burmese soldiers captured famed fighter Nai Khanom Tom and gave him the chance to win his freedom by beating ten of their number. His fighting style and dance to respect his ancestors before the smack-down is the stuff of Thai legend, and you can learn some of his moves in Bangkok's legendary boxing camps.

Saddle-Up in Argentina

Imagine yourself on horseback at an Argentinian estancia (ranch), learning how to ride, play polo and ranch. It's a picture-perfect movie moment come to life, and you'll learn with the help of some of Argentina's finest polo players, who are so good they are known as 'hired assassins' when they play for overseas clubs.

46% of people who took a sabbatical in 2017 and 2018 wanted to learn a new skill.

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