How do you make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime? The answer could be simpler than you first thought. Original Travel create luxury tailor-made holidays and now offer a Honeymoon Gift List service. Once you've discussed your travel ideas and requirements with one of our travel consultants and decided on a location for your honeymoon you can then let those closest to you choose unforgettable experiences for you to enjoy as newlyweds.

Our gift list service

As well as being able to contribute experiences, the Original Travel gift list service also gives your nearest and dearest the option of simply making a donation towards the cost of your honeymoon. The experiences that can be purchased depend on you; what you like doing and where you're going. Generally they could include a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach, a couple's massage, or more hair-raising activities such as walking with lions or a windsurfing lesson.

From minimoon to maximoon...

Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes; from a minimoon European getaway or even staying within the UK, to maximoon escapes to more exotic climes, our travel experts are here to help! There is a current and growing trend for so-called 'Minimoons' that's to say shorter honeymoons of a few days to a week closer to home. For those unable to take longer periods of time off work or reluctant to travel far, this makes a lot of sense. Popular minimoon destinations for UK residents include foodie haven and beach spots around Europe such as the south of France, Italy, the Adriatic beaches of Montenegro, Croatia, and beyond. The Middle East is popular for those able to travel for about a week and wanting warm sunny weather. Here places such as Oman are ideal for honeymoons thanks to the warm climate, superb hotels, and numerous and unusual activities on offer. maximoon 'Maximoons' on the other hand are longer, extended honeymoons often combining more than one aspect, activity, or destination. Popular choices include matching 'bush and beach'; that's to say combining safari with a beach or diving honeymoon. Twin centres are another great way of exploring further and getting the most from your time away. Thanks to new flight routes, Sri Lanka and the Maldives are now even easier to travel between, making an easier twin centre honeymoon. Indonesia's islands of Bali and Lombok are another fantastic example, as are Latin and North America combos.

How it works...

If you'd like to book you honeymoon through Original Travel and take advantage of the gift list service there's a few bits of information we need first: simply send us your names, email addresses, a short bit about you both, the date of your wedding, and a photo. From that we'll create you your own honeymoon gift list page where your friends and family can buy you experiences for you on your honeymoon, or donate any amount they want, leaving you a comment with their gift. In the meantime you can get on with planning your perfect day, safe in the knowledge that we're creating you your own wonderful honeymoon for you to cherish.

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