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Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 14th March, 2014

Texas Pecan Pie Recipe

  • USA

From the heart of Texas comes the traditional pecan pie, representing Texas's pride as the pecan is the nation's state tree. You will never miss this pie on thanksgiving or at Christmas as it is an essential (and incredibly delicious) part of Texan culture. Convince yourself:

Uzbekistan Food

By Tom
On: 15th November, 2013

Plov Recipe from Uzbekistan

  • Uzbekistan

This plov recipe was picked up by Simoon Travel's Amelia in Uzbekistan. Plov is the country's national dish, a hearty mix of rice, lamb and vegetables.

gluhwein a german drink for Christmas
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 7th November, 2013

Gluhwein Recipe

  • Germany

Gluhwein, (or glow-wine) is popular in German-speaking countries and is named from the hot irons once used for mulling. It is a traditional beverage that is offered during the Christmas holidays, so if you're already feeling festive, why not try our very own Gluhwein recipe...

Borscht Soup
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 23rd September, 2013

Grandma's Borscht Recipe

  • Russia
  • Finland

Try this Borscht recipe, a Ukrainian / Russian / Polish soup picked up in Europe by Original Travel's Flora!

Pupusa, El Salvador
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 18th September, 2013

Recipe for Cheese and Chilli Pupusas

  • South America

This recipe for cheese and chilli pupusas was picked up by Hero from our Lat Am team whilst travelling in El Salvador in South America!

Thai Salmon

By Frances
On: 11th September, 2013

Thai Salmon Recipe

  • Thailand

Check out this Thai salmon recipe, the perfect meal for a cosy night in whilst planning your next trip to Asia...

prawns and rice meal
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 3rd September, 2013

Recipe for Swahili Prawns with Coconut Rice

  • Kenya

This recipe for Swahili prawns with coconut rice comes from Original Travels Millie, after her travels along the Kenya coast in Africa...

Prawn Saganaki
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 3rd September, 2013

Prawn Saganaki Recipe

  • Greece

This recipe for prawn saganaki was picked up in Greece by Original Travel's Flora, after trying it at the Taverna Spirandreas, a Traditional Greek dining by the sea, with a great view of the historical forest of Bisti. The restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere, and great quality food and…

Roast Pork on Chopping Board
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 27th August, 2013

Luxury Roast Pork Recipe from New Zealand

  • New Zealand

For some cooking inspiration, try this luxury roast pork recipe picked up by Pip in New Zealand...

vegetable samosas

By Frances
On: 20th August, 2013

Vegetable Samosa Recipe

  • India

This vegetable samosa recipe was picked up by our Asia specialist Miranda, during a visit to her favourite hotel in Jaipur, India - Samode Hotels!