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By Guest blogger
On: 27th March, 2012

Colombia: Visiting Cartagena (Part 1)

  • Colombia

Colombia is doing an excellent job at shedding it's sinister image, as Latin America expert Steph found out on her latest visit. Read on to find out why the country makes an unusual and unique holiday destination...

Djibouti coast sunset
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 7th March, 2012

Where is Djibouti?

  • Djibouti
  • Africa

Whale sharks, limestone chimneys, salt lakes and a glorious coastline of sandy bays - there's a whole lot more to be said for Djibouti than you might originally think. 'But where is Djibouti?' I hear you ask. All shall be revealed...

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By Guest blogger
On: 6th February, 2012

Luxury for Less

  • Europe
  • France

The economy may still be in the doldrums, but it's not necessarily all bad news out there for travellers. With plenty of special offers around, boutique trips don't need to cost a fortune. Here are some tips on how to achieve luxury for less, so you can get the best price tag for a beautiful…

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By Guest blogger
On: 23rd January, 2012

Where To Go On Holiday To Escape Those Monday Blues

  • Bhutan
  • Costa Rica
  • Denmark
  • Indian Subcontinent

Today - the 23rd of January - is officially the most depressing day of the year, known colloquially as 'Blue Monday'. It's not surprising, considering that naked Christmas trees line our streets, we haven't been paid since the Christmas splurge and we're all on a diet. The solution? An…

Flamenco dancer
Image of Kate Little

By Kate L
On: 15th December, 2011

The Original Travel Seville Guide

  • Spain
  • Seville

Original Travel spent one action-packed weekend in Seville. Want to know what we got up to on our luxury city break? Spoiler: expect tales of tapas and flamenco dancing...

Nevada Desert
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By Guest blogger
On: 9th December, 2011

The Burning Man Festival - The Mad and the Extraordinary

  • USA

The extraordinary Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert has been listed as an ultimate bucket list experience. Original Travel staffer Rachel relays her thoughts on the zany event...


By Tom
On: 2nd December, 2011

The Best Way to Explore Canada

  • Canada
  • British Columbia

Tailor made holidays to Vancouver, Canada, are always a good call: the region boasts some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever experience, and has more to offer than meets the eye...

Lanzarote, Isla Graciosa

By Tom
On: 21st November, 2011

Challenging Misconceptions - The Canaries

  • Spain
  • Canary Islands

Don't let your preconceptions fool you: the Canary Islands are catering for a whole new clientele, and as a result, are shrugging off those 'Lanzagrote' stereotypes.

Aerial view of the Blue Hole in Belize
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By Guest blogger
On: 14th November, 2011

The Perfect Couple - Guatemala and Belize Holidays

  • Belize
  • Guatemala

Guatemala and Belize are two classic Central American destinations, and make for one of the best country combos on the Original Travel books.

Norway landscape
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 21st October, 2011

Northern Norway at it's Best

  • Norway

It's the best time to go to Northern Norway in 25 years, or so says our expert Europe team. Here, we reveal just what makes the chilly region so cool (get it?)...