Tom Barber

Girl on a bike

By Tom
On: 26th August, 2020

Bring Back Spontaneity: Make an 'Impulse Bye'

Remember spontaneity? The thrill of dropping everything to go somewhere or do something on a whim was half the fun. Sadly, for most of us as we've grown older and increasingly weighed down with responsibilities, spontaneity has tended to take ever more of a back seat. Now, in the era of…

By Tom
On: 30th June, 2020

Why a Gulet Cruise in Turkey Might Be The Most Fun Holiday You Ever Have

  • Turkey

There are a few holiday types that deserve 'classic' status: the family ski week in the Alps, the road trip, the African safari and the sexy city break to name but four, but I'd like to add another one in to the mix - a week long gulet cruise in Turkey.

take my hand rome

By Tom
On: 26th June, 2020

A Love Letter to Europe: The Best Places to Visit Closer to Home

  • Austria
  • Zermatt
  • The Three Valleys
  • The Dolomites
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Sardinia
  • Corsica
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Istanbul
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhagen
  • Spain
  • Transylvania
  • Norway
  • Croatia
  • Svalbard
  • Gozo
  • The Azores

It's a staple storyline from hundreds of Hollywood movies: our hero(ine) leaves their small hometown and has many adventures and romantic trysts in the wider world before the epiphany that the boy/girl next door back home was the love of their life all along. That's a rather convoluted…

Playing a drum

By Tom
On: 18th June, 2020

Music to Move You

We talk a lot about our additional services. After all, they are one of the key things that sets us apart from the competition, and even more important in the new normal. But our regional playlists are one of the services we don't often bang the drum (excuse the pun) about.

hiker chamonix france

By Tom
On: 15th June, 2020

Travel Less, Travel Better

Yes, you read that right; this is actually a travel company suggesting we might travel less. Let me explain. As we gradually emerge, blinking, into the post-lockdown light, it's only natural that we'll be wary of travel for a while. Airports are likely to be more difficult places to…

Girl in car

By Tom
On: 11th June, 2020

Retro Road Trips: Introducing the Family to the Classic European Driving Holiday

  • France

Do you remember the Peugeot 505 Familiale estate car? I'm showing my age here, but back in the early 80s it was the go-to ride for big families thanks to the novel idea (well, in a car anyway) of a fold-up third row of seats in the otherwise cavernous boot. Some of my fondest holiday…

Man on mountain

By Tom
On: 9th June, 2020

Hello There, 2021...

The situation surrounding 'air bridges' and quarantine* remains pretty unclear at the moment, meaning short-term travel is still very much up in the air (excuse the pun). Suffice to say, when the rules do change we've got some clever itinerary ideas up our sleeves. Looking further ahead, we…

Man on archway

By Tom
On: 28th May, 2020

The Future of Travel

What seems like a lifetime ago (also known as: January) we published our annual brochure, 2020 Vision, filled with the travel trends we believed would emerge in the next 12 months. Given what's happened since, it's fair to say that some of those predictions (China as a hot destination for…

Virtual tourism

By Tom
On: 26th May, 2020

The Virtues of Virtual Tourism

Some in the travel industry fear the emergence of virtual tourism; we're not in that camp. We know that seeing somewhere on a screen - even if you are able to turn your head or move your mouse to see more - is no substitute for the real thing. That said, virtual tours are a great teaser for…

Elephant eating

By Tom
On: 20th May, 2020

The Two-Metre Rule

Second guessing the new parameters for life post-lockdown has become something of a national obsession. But whatever the next changes will be, there's one regulation that we just know will stay in place - the two-metre social distancing rule. Now, depending on your height you could just…