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By Tom
On: 21st October, 2019

Our Top Tips for Travelling Together on Sabbatical

We've already talked about the potential for anxiety when leaving everyday life and - more importantly - friends and family behind during a sabbatical, but now it's time to get practical. Whether you want to counter those fears by taking family with you, or by having friends visit, or if you…

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By Tom
On: 9th October, 2019

Top Trips for Tots 2020

Welcome to the exciting new world of family travel. You may have to make a few (temporary) compromises to your travel habits, but we're here to help with the transition. What you're ideally looking for at this nascent stage is child-friendly hotels that are, conversely, not entirely…

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By Tom
On: 25th September, 2019

La Dolce Vita Aboard The 'Blue Deer' - Part 2

After dropping deeply unsubtle hints to Stefano, the owner of the Blue Deer, I flew to Italy ready to board the sublime catamaran for a few days in the Pontine Islands. We explored Ponza town itself, before heading over to the nearby island of Palmarola and doing some sea urchin diving…

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By Tom
On: 20th September, 2019

La Dolce Vita Aboard the 'Blue Deer' - Part One

I've always espoused the mantra (if I can trap someone long enough while I bang on) that if you could take Italy's hinterland, and Greece's coastline and islands, you'd have arguably the world's perfect destination. That was until I had the very, very great pleasure of spending a couple of…

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By Tom
On: 19th September, 2019

Sabbaticals - Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway

"It's only normal to come up with excuses not to try something new or bold. We all fear uncertainty and things going wrong. Another way is to focus instead on the potential upsides and how the decision could transform your life for the better" Gil Dove, Leadership Coach

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By Tom
On: 18th July, 2019

Why So Slow, UNESCO?

  • Indonesia
  • Raja Ampat
  • Gothenburg and the West Coast
  • Sweden
  • Ethiopia
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Inle Lake
  • Zambia
  • The South Luangwa
  • Costa Rica
  • Bhutan

The last few weeks have been something of an emotional rollercoaster, haven't they? There was the absolute madness of the Cricket World Cup final, the devastation of honorary Brit Roger Federer losing in the Wimbledon final and, of course the annual updates to the UNESCO World Heritage…

Gothenburg City Canal
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By Tom
On: 8th July, 2019

Top Seven Things to do in Sweden

  • Sweden
  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg and the West Coast

Explore the rest of what makes the west (of Sweden) the best, or hop across to the glorious capital Stockholm.

Waterberg safari
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By Tom
On: 2nd July, 2019

The Best Family Holiday Ever: Part 2

  • South Africa
  • Madikwe & The Waterberg

Part one of my tales from our family holiday in South Africa took us from Cape Town to the Winelands, while in part two we head on up the coast along the Garden Route and then north to the Waterberg for a family safari…

family holiday africa
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By Tom
On: 27th June, 2019

The Best Family Holiday Ever: Part 1

  • South Africa
  • The Winelands and Cape
  • Cape Town

If you haven't seen our latest Family Brochure yet, I'd like to think it's the best we've ever produced, and that's including two that won the illustrious Guardian/Observer Best Brochure of the Year award. The reason? We've meticulously laid out the best family travel destinations (some…

Atacama Desert
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By Tom
On: 4th June, 2019

Where to Go for Outdoor Living

  • Colombia
  • The Coffee Triangle
  • Namibia
  • Etosha & Damaraland
  • Skeleton Coast and the Kunene River
  • USA
  • Chile
  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • Easter Island

If you like your country big then this fab foursome are well worth exploring. Read on to find out how they put the 'great' in The Great Outdoors.