Cosy cabins in the wilderness, slick city hotels, rustic fisherman’s cabins; when it comes to accommodation in Norway one thing is certain: you’ll have no trouble feeling at home. We’re here to help you find the perfect place to relax during your Norwegian adventure, so read on to discover what awaits in the Land of the Midnight Sun...


Chic, clean and efficient, there’s a lot to love about the urban accommodation in Norway. In cities like Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim you can enjoy panoramic cityscape views, with teasing glimpses of the mountains and fjords beyond. Whether you’re seeking sleek modern new-builds or historic hotels renovated with real style, you’re sure to be pampered with exceptional service and a decedent breakfast wherever you choose to hang up your hat.

Countryside Lodges

You’ll find luxurious lodges dotted across Norway, the perfect bases for a dreamy escape in nature. Nestled in valleys like Boverdalen are secluded retreats (think old wooden structures promising the comfort of a fireplace and forest views) while in the northern Nordenskiöld glacier, an arctic chalet lets you experience true idyllic isolation; no television, no WiFi and no running water. Instead, you’ll be drinking fresh glacier meltwater and cosying up by the fire. This accommodation in Norway offers a true Scandinavian detox for the mind and body.

Fishermen’s Cabins

Standing on stilts along the Norwegian coast are cabins (known as rorbuers) which were once used by fishermen. These wooden waterside structures are reminders of a time now gone, constructed for fishermen who needed relief from days spent in their open vessels at sea. Now, they serve as restaurants and accommodation, their characterful atmosphere drawing visitors into their cosy interiors. These sturdy timber cabins can be found in the likes of Reine, just a stone's throw from the adventures awaiting in the Lofoten Islands.

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