Travelling by Canoe on an Okavango Delta Safari

Travelling by Canoe on an Okavango Delta Safari

Travelling by canoe on an Okavango Delta safari is a very special way to see a very special place. Read all about the unique safari experience here...


About mokoro safaris

There are plenty of ways to see game on a safari holiday - from a specially adapted 4x4 vehicle, on foot, on horseback, and even by hot air balloon (see Travel Stories #7) - but nothing quite beats seeing the action from the water (and from a mokoro canoe to be precise).

Mokoros are dugout canoes made from the hollowed out trunks of ebony or kigelia trees, and are employed best in the magical Okavango Delta in Botswana. The Delta is where the Okavango River spills not into a lake or sea, but a 7,000 square miles section of the Kalahari Desert, creating an extraordinary landscape teeming with big game.

A mokoro safari allows access to some of the more remote and beautiful areas of the Delta, as an experienced guide punts the canoe silently through the waterways in search of the elusive semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope, fish eagles, painted reed frogs and malachite kingfishers. Thanks to the stealth approach, it's possible to get right up close and personal to elephants drinking from the riverbank, and as you're just a few inches from the surface of the water, you feel right in the action.


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