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Travel Advice: Those Vital Travel Apps

Travel Advice: Those Vital Travel Apps

For the technophobe or technophile, smartphone apps can make the complicated easier, and the simple more fun. There is a vast and ever increasing number of travel related apps available today, so take our travel advice and read our favourite top ten travel apps specifically for iPhone.


Never miss a thing with Triposo A travel guide for your phone

Triposo includes an overview map for the country and detailed city maps for the top cities, travel dashboard with currency converter, weather and useful phrases, as well as local events and the ability to share places and photos with other travellers. No internet connection is needed as the guide (one for each country) is downloaded, ideally in advance of travelling. Download the app for free here.


Relax at the airport with MasterCard Travel

Designed to reduce the stresses of busy airports, The MasterCard Travel App provides services aimed at saving you time at the airport. The app tracks flight statuses, stores your travel membership info, and (at selected airports) allows you to order food to be delivered to you at your gate from your iPhone. Download for free here.


Know exactly how much it costs with XE Currency

If you're travelling to somewhere with a tricky exchange rate, this simple app will save you a lot of time, and potentially money too! XE Currency displays live currency data and includes a calculator so you know exactly how much items cost. Better still? It saves data for offline use as well, saving you from costly data roaming charges. The app is free to download here.


Discover your surroundings with Google Goggles

A visual search app, the Google Goggles app helps you to learn more about the things around you. It works by taking a picture of a building, painting, barcode or anything else and Google Goggles will return information on the image captured. Translation is integrated in to the app, so menus can be snapped and translated. It's free to download here.


Surf whilst abroad with WiFi Finder

As so many of us know, data roaming charges are ridiculously high when travelling abroad. But now there is a solution to aimlessly wandering the streets (unless you want to, of course) on the hunt for wi-fi hotspots. The WiFi Finder app gives you directions to your nearest wireless internet. It even has an offline mode so you can download maps before you go, dodging a massive bill. Download it for free here.


Stay in touch with WhatsApp Messenger

Steadily superseding text messaging, WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging system. Why is it better? Good old fashioned text, as well as pictures, videos, sound clips and GPS tags are sent using wi-fi or your phone's web package, meaning wherever you and the recipient are in the world, messaging is free! The app is free and is available to download here.


Speak the local lingo with Google Translate

If you need to know how to order a coffee or what the waiter just asked you, let Google assist you. Whilst not always 100% accurate, Google translate is the best of the translator bunch. The app translates between 64 languages, producing text and for a few languages audio translations. It's free of charge and downloadable here.


Check the conditions with the Ski and Snow Report

There are a lot of snow related apps about, but the Ski and Snow Report is one of the better ones. If you're going on a ski holiday it can be pretty handy; use it to check the latest ski reports for your local pistes (some are better in Europe, others in the US), and work out your route home on detailed trail maps. Download the app for free here.


Know exactly what's nearby with AroundMe

The AroundMe app allows you to discover the nearest businesses and places of interest. From ATMs to bars, and hospitals to taxis, AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the closest, along with the distance from where you are. For each place you can also add the information to your contact list and email the information to a friend. This app is free to download here.

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