Travel Quiz

The Original Travel Quiz: Week 4

The Original Travel Quiz: Week 4

Family quiz, friends' quiz, work quiz... lockdown has really got us exercising those general knowledge muscles. The hardest part? Finding fresh questions each week. While you might be able to recycle a few questions here and there, if you find yourself in desperate need of new material, look no further than the Original Travel Quiz, where you'll find a brand new batch of travel-related questions each week.


The Questions

1. What is the name of the endemic flightless bird found in New Zealand?

2. What is the capital city of Turkmenistan?

3. This flag is the national flag of which country?



4. Which country is SLL the currency for?

5. Which airport is BNA the code for, and which city does it serve?

6. Which water-filled festival, celebrated mainly in Thailand but also in parts of India, China and other Southeast Asian countries, has a name which means 'astrological passage' in Sanskrit?

7. Where in the world is the place in the image? (one point each for the place and the country)



8. How many Chinese dialects are there?

a) 80 b) 200 c) 320

9. What is the time difference between Perth, in Western Australia, and Sydney, in New South Wales?

10. 'Rakky Jive' is an anagram of which European city?

11. What is the highest mountain in South America?



12. Which European city do these images represent?

13. Where was the 1997 film Seven Years in Tibet filmed?

14. What is the main ingredient in the Turkish dish 'Imam Bayildi', which means 'The Imam Fainted' or 'The Priest Wept'?

15. And finally a question from our Concierge in Iceland, Bertrand. In which year did it become legal to sell beer in Iceland?

a) 1889 b) 1939 c) 1989


The Answers

  1. Kiwi. Fun fact: kiwis lay huge eggs that weigh up to one quarter of the adult bird's body weight.
  2. Ashgabat.
  3. Cuba.
  4. Sierra Leone - they use Siera Leone Leones.
  5. Nashville International, Nashville, USA (The B stands for Berry Field, which is the original military name).
  6. Songkran. It is a celebration for New Year on the 13th April.
  7. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, USA.
  8. b) 200. There are around 200 Chinese dialects in total, split into five different dialectical groups: Mandarin, Yue, Min, Wu and Hakka.
  9. Sydney is two hours ahead of Perth except during daylight savings time when it is three hours ahead.
  10. Reykjavik.
  11. Aconcagua. At 22,387ft tall, this Argentinian mountain is actually the highest mountain in the whole of the Americas, and the highest outside of Asia. It is also, perhaps confusingly, known as the Polish Glacier, despite being over 7,800 miles from Poland.
  12. Stockholm.
  13. Most of the filming took place in Argentina, including La Plata and the Andes mountains in the Modoza Province. Only about 20 minutes of the film's footage was shot in Tibet.
  14. Aubergine. It also has garlic and onion as well as lots of tomatoes and spices. There are, obviously, no actual Imams, but apparently it tastes so good that it causes Imams to faint or priests to weep.
  15. c) 1989. Prohibition in Iceland started in 1916 and lasted until 1st March 1989, now celebrated as Beer Day.


Scores on the Doors

0 - 4: Errrr... What were you actually doing in geography lessons? Maybe listen in on the children's home schooling next time.

5 - 9: You need to get out more. When legally permissible, of course.

10 - 14: Better, but you won't be winning any pub quizzes - virtual or otherwise - with a score like that.

15 - 17: Wow. Impressive. Fancy a job?

18: Your underwear appears to be on fire.