The Best of Both Words: Holidays to Hotels with Villas

The Best of Both Words: Holidays to Hotels with Villas

In this 'new normal' of travelling in a post-lockdown world, we will all have to take into account things we would never normally consider when booking a holiday. Do we want to sit crammed in next to strangers on an aeroplane for hours, or would we rather stick to our own 'bubble' and drive to our holiday destination? And on arrival, do we want to stay in a hotel with fantastic amenities but countless other guests, or do we opt for an isolated villa away from others? Fortunately, when it comes to arranging accommodation, you can sidestep that decision and enjoy the best of both worlds: hotels with villas.


Best of Both Worlds

Let us paint you a picture: you're planning your next holiday but you're a divided household; one of you wants utter seclusion and privacy, the other wants the buzz of a hotel and all its has to offer. The solution? A private villa within a hotel. Everybody wins. You can spend your days in blissful isolation without seeing another soul, but when it comes to mealtimes, or when you want advice on the best local spots to explore, or you just fancy a pool-side cocktail, you're covered. And you can thank us later for saving you an argument that you might not have won.


Bubble Travel Friendly

When making travel plans B.C. (Before Coronavirus), opting for a hotel with private villas may have been on your radar, but likely not front and centre. Yet in this new age of travel, privacy and seclusion is taking on a whole new level of importance. So if staying in your 'bubble' is a priority for you, but you don't want to miss out on the facilities of a hotel, then hotels with villas are the perfect option. You can still enjoy a hit of human contact with other guests (something many of us are craving after being stuck indoors with just out family members for company) but can escape to the privacy of your own space if you're wary of spending too much time with other people.


Perfect for Families

Planning a family holiday is never an easy feat, particularly when small children who were once easily pleased by a pool or a bucket and spade on the beach have now become slightly less-easy-to-please teenagers. Add in the complexities of travelling in a P.C. (Post Coronavirus) world, and it becomes even more challenging. Once again, the hotels with villas come to the rescue. Parents can indulge in some well-deserved peace and quiet, while children and teenagers can enjoy everything the hotel has to offer for them, from kids clubs to sports facilities. And you can rest easy knowing the hotel will have all the proper Covid-proof regulations in place to make sure they are safe. What better way to reward yourselves for surviving months of home-schooling?