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Suite Treats

Suite Treats

George Osborne may have declared war on sweets with the introduction of his sugar tax in this year's budget but luckily we get our kicks from the suite (see what I did there?) treats of an altogether different kind. Our suite tooth (sorry, can't help it) is rather partial to the exceptional service, magical settings and chic interiors of some of the very best hotel suites in the world. Think breathtaking views, private pools, luxurious furniture and being spoiled to within an inch of your life. So sit back, relax and spend a couple of minutes ogling at some of the very finest suites from around the world; here are a few of our favourites...


Amanjiwo, Indonesia

We've jumped straight in with a biggie here; the Dalem Jiwo Suite at Amanjiwo in Java features two bedrooms, a colonnaded living rotunda, 15 metre swimming pool and incredible views of the temple of Borobudur. It feels all at once rather grand (did we mention the rotunda?) and unassumingly chic. The interiors are designed with classic Indonesian style to create an all-round sense of relaxation and peace. Dreamy.


Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

Madagascar is pretty much the coolest destination on the planet. Fact. And here's why: culturally it draws influence from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, without actually feeling like any one of them, 80% of its wildlife is endemic and it's also home to some truly spectacular boutique hotels.Tsarabanjina, off the north coast, is a case in point. Its Beach Villas are located beneath shady palms with uninterrupted views of the cerulean sea, and feel both wonderfully luxurious and traditionally Madagascan.


Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Looking for something a bit different? May we turn your attention to South Australia and particularly the wildlife wonderland of Kangaroo Island. The contemporary Southern Ocean Lodge, overlooking the (you guessed it) ocean, is an award-winning, all-suite boutique whose views speak for themselves (although the above is from the Osprey Pavilion, FYI). And when you're not gawping from the comfort of the tub, it's all about the Great Outdoors here, think sunrise sea lion safaris and guided trips to Flinders Chase by day, and stargazing by night.


Les Sources de Caudalie, France

One of Original Travel's very favourite hotels, Les Sources de Caudalie, is home to a cluster of suites on stilts situated on its charming lake. Interiors are designed to echo beach-side properties with white-washed panels and pastel colours. And did we mention that the hotel sits within its own vineyard? Needless to say the grapey stuff permeates much of the action here, from wine tasting to vinotherapy spa treatments. What's more, rumour has it that Eurostar will be launching a direct service to Bordeaux, making this French gem all the more accessible.


Post Ranch Inn, USA

There are few hotels with more spectacular settings than Post Ranch Inn - set amongst the cliffs of Big Sur in California. Its glass-fronted Cliff and Pacific Suites bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'room with a view' with their dramatic views down the rugged cliffs and out across the Pacific Ocean. The rooms themselves are decked out in wood with bold colours, sculpture and art throughout - an absolute must-visit for anyone on a West Coast road trip.


Conrad Maldives Rangali, Maldives

Last but by no means least is the underwater suite at the Conrad Maldives Rangali. Normally a restaurant, the space can be converted to a hyper-luxurious suite for one of the more original overnight stays you'll ever experience. Situated 16 feet beneath the surface and offering 180 degree views of the marine life above, the concept of 'sleeping with the fishes' just got a whole lot more palatable.