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Philantourism: The Countries Most Reliant on Tourism and Why we Can't Wait to go There Once Lockdown is Over

Philantourism: The Countries Most Reliant on Tourism and Why we Can't Wait to go There Once Lockdown is Over

At Original Travel, we're big believers in the power of tourism to help sustain captivating countries around the world. Many countries rely on tourism, whether it's because their economies depend on it, or because the lack of tourism during lockdown has led to an increase in illegal activities, such as poaching and over-fishing. The best news? We can organise tailor-made holidays to these amazing destinations so that you have fun and give your tourism dollars to a good cause all in one go. It's philanthropy and tourism combined; philantourism, if you will. Read on for a roundup of some of the countries most reliant on tourism and why we can't wait to go there one the lockdown is over...


Philantourism Holidays in Africa

Zimbabwe - a country that has suffered through decades of unrest and is now firmly on the up - is a wonderful option for a philantourism holiday. If you've spent the lockdown dreaming of an adventure holiday that pulls out all the stops, look no further. From unforgettable wildlife watching in Hwange - the country's largest national park - to helicopter flights over the stunning Victoria Falls and canoeing safaris on the Lower Zambezi, adventure is all but guaranteed. Another destination struggling without the regular travellers from the UK is Kenya, where wildlife poaching is becoming a serious problem. The Laikipia area of Kenya, home to almost half of the country's black rhino population, has been particularly susceptible and getting tourists - and their money - back to the area is paramount.


Philantourism Holidays in Asia

You're truly spoilt for choice when it comes to philantourism holidays in Asia. Sri Lanka took a hit in 2019 with the Easter bombings, but the country has picked itself back up and is ready for visitors. You can learn the art of traditional drumming, visit a fishing community, explore the ancient sites of Anuradhapura and Sigiriya, take a cookery class at a local home, visit a school in the tea hills where the remote communities are trained and educated and enjoy the wildlife by safari drives, kayak and bike. Myanmar is another dreamy destination that is back on the tourist map after years of unrest and for good reason too, with heaps of philanthropic activities from staying in remote villages to helping out community-run conservation projects; while illegal fishing has increased in Indonesia as a result of the loss of tourism income. Foundations across the islands are working to improve the situation, and you can join research dives and weeks hosted by marine conservation specialists to learn more about the amazing work they are doing.


Philantourism Holidays in the Indian Ocean

If your kind of holiday is one that is split equally between sugar white beaches and unbelievably blue seas, philantourism holidays in the Maldives and the Seychelles, are just the thing. These serene slices of paradise are heavily reliant on tourism, from funding locally-run conservation projects - including coral gardening and photography excursions to map turtle populations - to helping support local people and businesses, so you can truly unwind knowing that your holiday is having a positive impact.


Philantourism Holidays in Australasia

Australia was just recovering from the devastation of the bush fires when the pandemic hit. Take a trip to Australia with Original Travel for the chance to help a Koala recovery project in the You Yangs in Victoria where you will help replant eucalyptus trees, and a bushfire recovery project on Kangaroo Island. Balance this good work with visiting first-class wineries, driving the epic Great Ocean Road and mooching around the achingly cool city of Melbourne.


Philantourism Holidays in The Americas

Imagine a holiday spent lazing on soft sandy beaches, diving in coral-rich seas and venturing into wildlife-filled rainforests, all the while helping to support local economies with your tourist spending. Philantourism holidays in Belize and the Caribbean allow you to do just that. During your trip, we'll pair you up with excellent local guides, arrange for you to stay in authentic eco-friendly properties and organise oodles of cultural activities from visits to local markets to tours of nature reserves. What's not to love?


Philantourism Holidays in Europe

When it comes to philantourism holidays in Europe, Turkey is top of the list. With its authentic, lived-in cities and idyllic coast, there's a lot to love about this country, but because of past issues in very select areas, the country has slipped down many travellers' bucket lists. Our travel experts can organise unforgettable experiences, and with the know-how of our Concierges, we guarantee that you'll fall in love with Turkey again. Whether you opt for a crazy colourful trip to Istanbul, a tour of Eastern Turkey - home to cliff-top monasteries, magnificent nature and ancient sites - or an overnight stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia, we've got you covered.