Sri Lanka's tourism industry - on which much of the country's economy relies - took a terrible hit in 2019 with the Easter bombings. This extremely resilient country has since recovered and is ready and waiting for tourists to return to its cultural cities, beautiful hill country, wildlife rich jungles and idyllic beaches. We can organise a huge array of local activities that are extremely good fun and that also help local communities - whether it's cultural immersion, getting active on hikes, guided tours, tea tasting or watersports. When it comes to resting your head each night, we can hook you
up with lodges and hotels in remote areas that offer great training and employment opportunities for locals. To add a further layer of Philantourism to your adventure, we can even organise for you to spend time visiting a local skills-focussed school so that you can learn about the history of tea in Sri Lanka and take a guided walk around the verdant fiends to soak up spectacular views, all while putting your money into a system which helps empower marginalised youth.

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Miranda has been really wonderful throughout and was always ready to address any point of detail no matter how small. You’ve provided exceptional customer service which has been really appreciated by all of the family. So on behalf of each one of us thank you so very, very much.
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