The Grand Bazaar, located in the heart of Istanbul’s Old City, represents everything that the city is known and loved for: history, culture, architecture, and trade. Built in 1455, it was originally designed for local trade of clothing and jewels within two covered bazaars. Over the years, it expanded in size and grew increasingly popular and today it is the world’s biggest covered market. The mind-boggling labyrinth within is home to over 4,000 stalls that sell a wide variety of goods from spices and jewellery to sweet treats and hookahs – it’s an experience itself just wandering around the chaotic maze.
If you’re feeling brave, put you’re haggling skills to the test while bargaining with local shopkeepers. And when your feet start getting tired, stop for a well-deserved rest and a traditional Turkish coffee at Sark Kahvesi where you can people watch and soak up the unique atmosphere, then explore the backstreets and hunt for delicious culinary treats like menemen (a hearty egg scramble), ayran (a refreshing yoghurt drink) and Iskender kebab.

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