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Our Favourite Solo City Breaks

Our Favourite Solo City Breaks

Getting to decide on every last detail of a holiday’s agenda is the ultimate luxury. Forget being woken up by unwanted alarms or dragged to places you never wanted to visit; on a solo city break, you get to call the shots. Convinced yet? We could wax lyrical about the benefits of travelling alone. There’s no denying that you have more flexibility, it helps build confidence, and it’s easier to make new friends. So, whether you fancy stepping out of your comfort zone, need a break from the humdrum of daily life, or simply enjoy your company the best, join the travel trend and read all about our favourite solo city breaks.

1. Lisbon
2. Seville
3. Valletta
4. Venice
5. New York City


If anywhere was made for solo city breaks, it’s Lisbon. With charming, cobbled streets and painted azulejos (ceramic tiles) galore, Lisbon is undeniably one of the most attractive cities in Europe. And its laidback atmosphere and friendly vibe make it perfect for exploring on your own. Taking just under three hours to get there from the UK, it won’t be long before you’re munching on a flaky pastel de nata in the Portuguese capital. Lisbon’s neighbourhoods are best toured on foot, and when you’ve no one else’s schedule to satisfy, who knows what you’ll stumble upon? Discovering the city’s lively nightlife is also a must-do for any solo traveller. We recommend joining a bar crawl in Bairro Alto for a taste of traditional fado music. The city is close to many gorgeous beaches too (here’s looking at you, Carcavelos). Need we say more?

Image by Jerome Galland 



Andalucia’s sun-soaked capital, Seville, is guaranteed to seduce any solo traveller. This is a city where the weather is balmy all year round, and the buildings are beyond beautiful thanks to Moorish and Castilian influences. Take your time touring the historic palace, the Alcazar, which features intricate plasterwork, lush gardens and ornate courtyards before getting lost in the cobbled streets of the Jewish quarter which are shaded by orange trees. This sultry city operates on Spanish time; siestas are encouraged, and dinners don’t start until late into the night. Conveniently, Seville’s many tapas bars are perfectly suited to solo diners with their narrow bars, rickety wooden stools and tiny round tables. End your night by catching a passionate Flamenco performance, the traditional dance originating in Andalucia. Warning: you’ll be stamping and tapping your feet all the way home.

Image by Cécile Rosenstrauch



Joining the list of our favourite solo city breaks is the charming Maltese capital, Valletta. The southernmost (and smallest) capital in Europe might slip under the radar, but it has so much to offer. You’ll never get bored of wandering Valletta’s characterful streets, where golden stone townhouses with colourful balconies line the way to a glittering azure ocean. Join locals dining al fresco in restaurants spilling out onto the street’s steps and end balmy nights with a waterfront stroll. History buffs will be in their element as you discover Valletta’s Baroque architecture, military forts and ornate palazzos. And thanks to Malta’s size, you needn’t travel far to reach the island’s other must-see sights like Mdina (the medieval capital nicknamed the ‘Silent City’) and neighbouring Gozo (Malta’s tranquil sister island which is known for its excellent diving).




While Venice may connote romance for many, who’s to say you can’t go it alone? In fact, Venice is perfectly equipped for solo city breaks, not least because Venetians’ warmth and friendliness instantly puts you at ease. And when it comes to people-watching (the ultimate solo activity, in our opinion) there’s ample opportunity to partake in Venice, whether you’re sipping an Aperol Spritz overlooking the teal-blue canals or indulging in creamy gelato in the square. Get up early (because who’s there to object?) to skip the crowds and marvel uninterrupted at St Mark’s Basilica and Rialto Bridge. You’ll never feel alone in this compact little city, where rich history, spectacular architecture and quaint charm abound. And who knows, maybe a holiday romance will blossom after all…

Image by Faustine Poidevin


New York City

Although New York City’s size might seem daunting to a solo traveller, for the brave, the Big Apple is a wonderful choice for a solo city break. While it takes a little longer to get there (flight time is around eight hours from the UK), it’s well worth it for a long weekend. There’s so much to do in NYC by yourself, be it exploring world-class museums at your own pace, or people-watching in Central Park. Take advantage of your solo status and nab a spontaneous ticket for a Broadway show (the likes of which wouldn’t be possible when travelling in a group). It’s also so much easier to grab a spot at the most sought-after dining establishments in the city. Strike up a conversation with other single diners, and you’ll be cheers-ing with new friends in no time.

Image by Faustine Poidevin

Written by Hannah Whitehall | Header image by Faustine Poidevin