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Best Places to Propose: Ladies, it's your turn

Best Places to Propose: Ladies, it's your turn

Men, beware. Have you been leaving that lovely lady hanging? With a flutter of an eyelash the tables could be turned...

On February 29th, women can propose to men. In the same way a Leap Day balances the calendar, St Bridget made a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men in order to balance the traditional roles of men and women.

Hhmm, even though I'm not sure that exactly 'balances' it.... we still asked our uber romantic ladies here at Original Travel where the best places to propose are. These are their suggested spots...


In a Wilderness Cabin

For the ultimate secluded getaway surrounded only by the snow and the stars, these private cabins in the Arctic Circle are perfect.


In front of the Grand Canyon

Explore the spectacular depths of the Grand Canyon by helicopter and arrive to a sunset and a champagne reception.


At Hacienda Uaymon, Mexico

For a dramatic and romantic setting, the majestic columns and crumbling stone walls of Hacienda Uayamon are nothing short of unforgettable. Located next to the vast Mayan ruins of Edzna, this former cattle ranch is sure to make an impression.


While Kayaking around the Elaphiti Islands

Gently float on warm, crystal clear waters to explore the stunning inlets and caves of the Elaphiti Islands. Stop off for a romantic swim or just to sit on the rocks and soak up the sun.


After the Cresta Run

Arguably, the Cresta Run is not the first activity you think of when we say romance, however we do believe that adrenaline brings people together. After an exciting day on the slopes, wind down beside a log fire in an Alpine lodge.


Contact Original Travel to discover some of our other favourite proposal spots, or peruse our Romance Collection.