Tatsang Palphug, also known as the Tiger's Nest, is a Buddhist monastery clinging to the side of a steep cliff. A must-see for anyone who is lucky enough to enter the world's last remaining Shangri La, this temple complex lies 3,000 feet above the Paro Valley, where many long distance treks start from. Legend has it that during the 8th Century the great Guru Rinpoche was carried by a Tigress up to the spot, where the monastery now lies, and meditated in a cave for three months. When he had reached a state of enlightenment, he emerged from the cave and, the whole of Bhutan was blessed with Buddhism.
The original temple was then built in 1692 by a set of monks, and ever since the Bhutanese, and in contemporary times tourists who are fortunate enough, make the ascent to this sacred and spiritual site. For those who are keen to make a trip to the Tiger's nest, but are put off by the journey, we can organise a Bhutanese horse to take you up in order to ease the climb.

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