Things to do in New York

It may come as no surprise that the city that never sleeps has an endless list of things to do and see. Times Square is not to be missed, for its bright lights and constant hive of activity, while in contrast, Central Park provides an oasis of calm, and is particularly worth a visit during 'Fall', when the park becomes a sea of oranges and yellows. It's well worth leaving the island of Manhattan to explore neighbouring Brooklyn, and the walk across Brooklyn Bridge offers views where you can admire the contrast between the towering sky-scrapers of Manhattan with the lower-rise warehouses and apartment blocks of Brooklyn. For those after an unrivalled view of the city, and an escape from the crowds, a helicopter tour offers just that, and allows you to see this concrete jungle in all its glory.

Whatever your dream New York holiday entails, we can recommend the perfect things to do in all corners of the city, whether that be in the sky or on the ground.

What to do in New York

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