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Bhutan is the only country to measure happiness as a national index with the Gross National Happiness, meaning its translation as 'Land of the Thunder Dragon' might seem a little severe. Luckily, this is just in reference to the ferocious storms that move in from the Himalayas, rather than the lovely citizens, who have a constitutional obligation to conserve their environment. International Tourists have only been allowed to enter since 1974, and the relative difficulty to do so only adds to the magical allure of the place.

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Aman Adventure Around Bhutan

What more luxurious manner in which to soak up the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan than with an Aman adventure? Travel from the snow-capped peaks to the densely forested regions, learning about the 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', and staying in the Kingdom's very finest hotels.
Approximate budget per person: £7,450

A Himalayan Discovery

This seven night journey will take you to the heart of the ethereal kingdom of Bhutan. From the temple of the Divine Madman to the gravity defying Tiger's Nest monastery, jaw-dropping drives, beautiful monastery visits and unique nature walks are combined in this perfect, compact introduction.
Approximate budget per person: £3,510

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