With hillsides which are punctuated by ancient Buddhist monasteries and breath-taking palaces, exploring Bhutan on foot is by far the most fruitful transport option. Bhutan walking holidays showcase the country’s alpine peaks and glacial valleys in the best possible light, allowing you to get up close to monuments steeped in history and spiritual significance. For those who are adventurously-inclined, the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is a challenging (but highly rewarding) five-day trek, which takes you through wildlife-rich regions, past Bhutanese villages and alongside Himalayan peaks. Spend nights
dozing beneath the stars in a comfortable tent and rest assured that you’ll be greeted at the end of your trek by a luxurious hotel room, where you can soothe aching muscles. If camping isn’t your thing, opt for a shorter trek to the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched above the valley town of Paro.

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The continuing personal touch afforded to my family and I by your company during the building of the itinerary and the booking process has been very refreshing and is something of which you and your company should be proud. I have been very impressed with the passion, knowledge and high touch shown by your team.
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