In a country as special as South Africa, Johannesburg might not seem an obvious highlight, but bear with us. Like all urban legends this is a city of villages: Houghton; Newton, the former industrial area now cultural centre; Braamfontein, the student district where art galleries pop-up on a weekly basis. Then there’s the Fashion District, where the fast growing middle class shop in an area previously known only for the poor district of Hillbrow. This gentrification hasn’t entirely changed the city’s identity, though, and on a Johannesburg holiday you can still walk in the footsteps of Gandhi -
one of the city’s most famous residents - at the elegant museum/hotel Satyagraha House (Gandhi’s one time home), or learn about the remarkable life of Nelson Mandela in Soweto.

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To say we had the holiday of a lifetime would be an understatement. The attention to detail was unbelievable and it's those things that helped contribute to the great time we had. Given my brief was pretty vague(!), you did an incredible job at creating the most magical of holidays. I could wax lyrical about all the amazing things we saw and did but I won't bore you. But suffice to say, it really surpassed all of our expectations and then some! My husband loved it and both boys have got some memories that will last them a lifetime. The team (and I mean a team!) listened to my rather vague ideas and came up with a wonderful plan for my holiday, which had a significant meaning and they were really respectful of that. Their attention to detail was fantastic, their communication was great and the holiday itself was wonderful in every way. They even handled my last-minute panic (my son was ill 48 hours before we were due to travel!) with calmness, reassuring me and putting an alternative plan into place, should we have needed it (thankfully we didn't!). I would not hesitate to recommend them or indeed use them again. The only downside - they have rather spoilt me for holidays as I only want to do big, 'holidays of a lifetime' with them....! Incredible on every level. The locations, the staff, the resorts, the little touches, the smooth transitions, the planning, the detail - just fantastic.
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