The ability to travel through time is a long-held ambition for mankind, but we needn't bother inventing a time machine - it's already quite possible to travel back hundreds of years on a holiday to Fez, the ancient capital of Morocco and one of the finest preserved cities in the Islamic world. The enormous car-free medina (old town) is the main attraction on Fez holidays, and if ever the cliché 'an assault on the senses' was apt it's here - vibrant colours (plus an almighty pong) in the city's medieval tanneries and the buzz of a city going about it's business in much the same way it has for centuries
mean you are made very aware of being somewhere magical. We say hat's off to Fez. Aside from the city itself, Fez is also a perfect staging post from which to explore three glorious nearby sites: the well-preserved Roman colonial town of Volubilis; the sacred site of Moulay Idriss, and Meknes, another former Moroccan capital and a place home to so many mosques it is known as 'the City of One Hundred Minarets'.

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Overall, I’d give the trip a 5+ out of 5. Very well planned and executed, even with last minute changes to my husband’s travel. Thanks so much for one of our favorite trips thus far! We look forward to working with you again.
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