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    • Spend a weekend in Morocco’s cultural and spiritual capital
    • Stay in the heart of the medina
    • Discover the city your way with the help of a passionate local guide

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Located between the slopes of the Middle Atlas and the fertile plains of the Sais, Fez is a captivating city with a meticulously preserved medieval centre. Full of madrasas (educational institutions), gardens, palaces and fondouks (hotels), this Imperial Capital is also known as Morocco’s cultural and spiritual capital. A long weekend is the perfect amount of time to immerse yourself in its atmosphere and see its most fascinating sites. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed medina is a network of winding alleyways interspersed with stairs and passageways. With the souq’s vibrant colours, the heady aromas of perfumes and the sweet texture of traditional pastries, this city awakens every sense.
As you explore, you’ll come across the Andalusian Quarter, the Dyer’s Quarter, the University of al-Qarawiyyin which houses the oldest mosque in Africa, the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss (founder of the city), the old market of R’cif and Nejjarine Square with its Museum of Wood and Crafts. The density of culture and history here is astounding, and never fails to make a lasting impression.

You’ll find your riad behind a discreet door in the medina. This refined space has been renovated over a decade, resulting in a marriage of Ottoman elegance and balanced modernity. Throughout the property, you’ll find pieces created by the best craftsmen in the city. When you’re not basking in the comfort of your suite, relax in the lounge with a book from the library or spend some time gazing out across the rooftops from the terrace. The restaurant serves inventive cuisine, while the service is both discrete and considerate.

To experience a more authentic side to the city, we’ll arrange for you to spend a few hours exploring it with a local guide. They’ll tailor the tour to what interests you the most, but they’ll also have some ideas about how best to showcase the city’s highlights. One option is to introduce you to local culinary traditions at the colourful Sellaline market before a stop at a traditional café where you can sip tea in the shade of mulberry trees. If you’re interested in architecture and craftsmanship, they’ll lead you to the 14th-century Bou Inania Madrasa and the many trade districts of Fez. Finally, if you love Andalusian gardens and art, they can organise a stroll in the Jnan Sbil garden, established in the 18th century by Sultan Moulay Abdallah. This tour is designed to help you discover a different side of Fez according to your interests.


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Researcher, storyteller, guembri player and member of the Sufi Hamadcha Brotherhood, your guide today will offer you a global understanding of Fez. During this meeting with him, you’ll discuss the historical, anthropological, architectural, artistic and spiritual aspects of the city. You’ll have the opportunity to visit key cultural spots – some of which aren’t usually accessible to tourists ¬– and meet musicians, Sufis and craftsmen who are waiting to share their skills and knowledge. As you visit workshops, souks, mausoleums, mosques and more, you’ll learn about what links them all, the element to which Fez owes its prosperity: water. This meeting offers a rare and detailed insight into what makes Fez the city it is.


Volubilis is the largest archaeological site in Morocco. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the remains of this Berber-Roman city allow you to envisage this ancient city as it once was. Above all, the splendid frescoes that adorn its many buildings are a sight to behold. Protected by a long wall, Meknes is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities and the former capital under Sultan Moulay Ismaïl. For its medina alone, it’s well worth the visit. Around 13 miles from Meknes is Moulay Idriss, an all-white holy city that’s built in tiers on a rocky outcrop. This highly sacred city is visited by thousands of Muslims every August for a pilgrimage known as a Moussem.

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