The Lap of Luxury

Luxury holidays have changed, or at least the perception of what is luxurious has. A decade or so ago the idea of a luxury holiday might have centred on the quality of the hotel and the service on offer. While that’s still important, the fast developing market for five star luxury holidays means that there are now many more ways to travel in style.

There's the luxury of space, for example, such as when staying at Wolwedans Private Camp in the NamibRand Desert in Namibia. Miles from the main camp, this two bedroomed uber-camp takes 'getting away from it all' to new levels of comfort. The silence is all-encompassing and the night sky so free from light pollution that stars are visible all the way to the horizon.

Aside from the ability to stay in utter luxury with the rest of the world at several miles' length away, there's also increasingly the luxury of time. We now offer the ability to travel into virtually untouched territory in a short space of time, thanks to intrepid new helicopter safaris such as to an immaculate tented camp in the Southern deserts of Morocco or to the remote north of Kenya. On the latter of those trips the accommodation is admittedly fairly rudimentary, but it doesn't get much more stylish than spending a long weekend up near the Sudanese border and being back at your desk in time to tell your envious colleagues.

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