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Consumers are taking an increasingly ethical stance in their purchasing choices, something we heartily approve of. The good news is that Original Travel are passionate about responsible travel in all its forms, and we’re determined to help our clients travel in a genuinely sustainable way.

When it comes to sustainable tourism, we already offset 100% of our clients' flight carbon footprints, and the Original Travel Foundation (which was set up back in 2009) supports a number of humanitarian projects in developing countries around the world.

In terms of conservation, our blog, 'The Conservation Conversation' gives a more detailed take on our thinking but in short, we believe that conservation and tourism are inextricably linked. At the risk of over-simplifying, if there is no conservation, then there will be fewer reasons for tourists to visit, which means fewer funds to conserve what made a place and its inhabitants (both human and animal) so special in the first place. And so on and on, in a downward spiral.

That's why we are increasingly looking to work only with suppliers who take an ethical and sustainable stance in their destinations. We're not perfect, and there's a long way to go for responsible travel as a whole, but we are determined to do our bit, which is why we're rolling out a 'Giving Back' tag that we will apply to all properties, places and itinerary suggestions where we believe our suppliers are making the best efforts to promote responsible travel, sustainability and conservation. You can then make an informed decision before you travel about where you want your money to go.

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