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Philantourism: a combination of philanthropy and tourism. The act of choosing a holiday or experience in order to support a destination in need of visitors.

While there's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of hedonism on holiday - in fact, we almost insist on it - it is also eternally gratifying to know that your hard-earned time and money are supporting a worthy cause. An excellent way (if we do say so ourselves) of balancing the two is by practising Philantourism. A natural evolution of 'voluntourism', but with less of a time commitment, you can support a destination simply by going there; you don't need to do anything after you arrive other than enjoy yourself and put the money that you'd be spending on your trip anyway into the local economy, including hotels, restaurants and small businesses. Far from a patronising plea to selflessly sacrifice your trip to help others, we're simply suggesting visiting some seriously special places that remain excellent holiday destinations despite recent hardships, meaning that you get an incredible adventure while your chosen destination gets some much-needed support, both moral and financial.

Who, What, Where

Choosing where to go and what to do, and knowing who would most benefit from your tourism pound/dollar, can be tricky. There's a potential slew of ethical questions that may come up, but our consultants are absolutely passionate about their destinations and know them inside and out, meaning that they can help you navigate this moral minefield and ensure that you're ticking off your holiday wish-list along the way.

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