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Of the thousand-odd islands scattered around the Aegean, the Cyclades are perhaps the most romantic, and an ideal summer Greek honeymoon choice.

A luxury honeymoon in Greece is up there as one of the all time honeymoon classics and we recommend heading to the Cyclades Islands. So named because they encircled the sacred island of Delos (once central to Greek mythology) these days the most famous islands of the Cyclades group are Santorini and Mykonos.

Our number one recommendation would be a stay on the crescent-shaped Santorini - perhaps the most famous Greek island, and physically one of the most romantic and spectacular islands in the world, with its giant sea-filled caldera created by an ancient volcanic eruption.

A little more upbeat, cosmopolitan Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife, trademark windmills and its attractive 'capital' Hora, considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades. The hotels here would also make a fun honeymoon hangout.

For full 'get away from the crowds' privacy, try the little known but beautiful island of Paros, and the Yria Hotel has an excellent private cottage for seclusion-seeking 'mooners.

Last but by no means least there is the Peloponnese, a firm new favourite region of ours with supremely romantic hotels to suit every budget, and that rarest of beasts, two-person villas with boutique hotel facilities so guests get the best of both worlds.

Whatever your preference, our experts are on hand to help you plan the perfect luxury Greece honeymoon itinerary.

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Take advantage of our Honeymoon Gift List service! The service allows your loved ones to contribute to your Greek honeymoon by giving money towards its overall cost.

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