From the historical wonders of Istanbul to the fashionable beaches of Antalya, Turkey summer holidays are as much about immersing yourself in cultural wonders as they are about savouring a revitalising escape. Venture to central Turkey to discover Cappadocia’s iconic ‘fairy chimneys’ – beautiful, pointed rock formations made from volcanic ash and sculpted by years of erosion – and you’ll think you’ve been dropped on another planet entirely. And the columns are just the beginning; underground, there is an astonishing subterranean cave network complete with homes, churches and whole cities dug by human hands and protected by UNESCO.
From here, travel east and to dive in Lake Van to marvel at a 3,000 year-old castle that sits beneath the waters - Turkey's very own Atlantis - or hike the remote mountains of Anatolia and you’ll be rewarded with the immense vision of Nemrut Dagi, whose huge stone head sculptures look like something straight out of Indiana Jones. To really get to the heart of Turkey take a seat at the dinner table to feast on the country’s delicious food – from indulgent yoghurt-splashed kofte meatballs and nutty, sticky baklava, to menemen (an omelette with a Turkish twist) - all washed down with the aniseed-twanged national drink of raki. Cuisine in Turkey is truly a flavour masterclass. For endless sunshine, deep blue seas, fascinating ancient ruins, countless activities and a gastronomic adventure, Turkey ticks every box for that perfect summer holiday.

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All in all we had a great time and it was pitched well, so thanks for all your hard work. All the contact with London and the fixer in Istanbul were positive and helpful, we were met and guided and driven everywhere and felt safe and looked after the whole time, so thanks again, it was really appreciated. The food was good everywhere and service was mostly excellent.
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