Best Beaches in Bodrum

Best Beaches in Bodrum

Bodrum is renowned for its enchanting bays, luxurious hotels and rich history. Yet, it also has one of the most picturesque coastlines, blessed with crystal-clear waters and golden sands. Nestled on Turkey's southwest Aegean Coast, with dramatic mountains and archaeological ruins as its backdrop, the Bodrum Peninsula beckons with heaps of coastal gems that’ll make you question whether you've fallen into a picture-perfect postcard. Able to cater to every beach lover’s dream, here are the best beaches in Bodrum.

  1. Bitez Beach
  2. Ortakent Beach
  3. Gumbet Beach
  4. Kumbahçe Beach
  5. Karaincir Beach
  6. Central Bodrum City Beach
  7. Bodrum Yali Public Beach
  8. Aspat Beach

Bitez Beach

A Family-Friendly Gem

Bitez Beach, with its stunningly clear waters and pristine white sands, is a haven for beachgoers seeking relaxation and fun. The long cove is ideal for windsurfing, making it a hit among water sports enthusiasts. Plus, it has that all important Blue Flag proving its cleanliness and sustainable boating tourism. Families adore Bitez Beach for its horseshoe-shaped sheltered bay and shallow waters, which are perfect for little ones to dip their toes into. It’s important to note that the beach's surface is more shingle than sand but it’s still more than comfortable to walk on (and sink your toes into).

Ortakent Beach

Tranquil Beauty

Ortakent Beach, situated on the eastern end of the Ortakentyahşi municipality, is a serene gem just 7.5 miles from central Bodrum. Less touristy than some of its other coastal counterparts, this is a beach that has done a stellar job at retaining its natural beauty and cleanliness. It doesn’t come without its boutique hotels and resorts though, all of which are pockmarked along its sunny shores. With private pools and beach access, you’ll be guaranteed a luxurious plush stay. This isn’t just a fly and flop beach though. Adrenaline junkies will be able to enjoy various water sports including windsurfing which is a particular local favourite. There's even a splash-worthy Aqua Park nearby and a culture-packed Art Village in town if you feel in the mood for a mooch. Getting to Ortakent is a breeze too – just a hop, skip and a jump from Bodrum in a local dolmuş (share taxi).


Gumbet Beach

Fun and Adventure Awaits

Think of Gumbet as the beach that never sleeps. Home to shallow waters, vibrant nightlife and an array of water activities, it is a beacon of beach activity. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops line its 0.6 mile stretch of golden sand while water skis, jet skis and parasails fringe its azure waters. If bobbing along the surface of the water isn’t enough, head underneath it on diving tours to the Big Reef dive site just off the coast. With a GoPro in hand, you can say hello to sea urchins, starfish and rainbow fish. If relaxation is more your thing, grab a sunbed at one of the beach bars, which are free with all food and drink orders.


Kumbahçe Beach

City Lights and Serenity

For those who prefer staying close to the town centre, Kumbahçe Beach offers convenience and coastal views featuring Bodrum Castle. Although relatively small, the beach is the perfect spot to watch the sun set and catch the city’s twinkling lights. While it may get crowded during the summer holidays, Kumbahçe Beach is the perfect destination for that first family holiday or one for just you two. Its picturesque backdrop is the perfect setting for romantic beachside dinners.


Bodrum beach


Karaincir Beach

The Maldives of Turkey

Stretching over 1.2 miles, Karaincir Beach, also known as ‘Black Fig’ in Turkish, ranks among the best beaches on the Bodrum peninsula. Located along the Akyarlar coast, Karaincir Beach dazzles with its deep blue waters and pristine white sands. The water here is clear, calm and shallow making it the ultimate family-friendly spot. Just take a leisurely stroll about 100 metres into the sea and you'll be in prime swimming territory. While you won't find sun loungers here, they have you covered with rows of umbrellas and overwater wooden jetties for that much-needed shade.


Central Bodrum City Beach

Convenience for All Ages

The city beach in Bodrum is conveniently located close to resorts, hotels and apartments. It’s small so you’ll want to get there early if you want to snag a sun lounger and shady straw umbrella but it’s worth it, especially when you have castles and seemingly endless coastline to ogle at. Numerous restaurants, bars and shops line streets nearby so you’ll never go hungry or thirsty, while the gradual slope into the calm waters at this beach mean there’s fun to be had for all the family.


Bodrum Yali Public Beach

A Local Favourite

Bodrum Yali Public Beach is regarded by locals as one of Bodrum's best public beaches. It is just a short 30-minute drive from Bodrum centre and comes with free sun loungers, parasols, shower cubicles and restrooms – the dream right? Surrounded by lush greenery, Bodrum Yali Public Beach boasts exceptionally clear waters, gravel sand and an on-site playground that we’re sure all families will appreciate. We recommend rising early to secure a free sun lounger, especially on weekends and public holidays during the summer.


Aspat Beach

A Hidden Gem

Nestled on the foothills of Aspat Hill is Aspat Beach, which offers a private scenic retreat, easily making it one of the best beaches in Bodrum. It remains one of the least touched beaches in Bodrum so is just the place if you’re after a serene haven complete with a swimming dock and breathtaking underwater views. Palm trees provide natural shade while contemporary marble sculptures dot the beach, adding an artistic touch to the coastal landscape. Visitors can indulge in sun loungers, hammocks, windsurfing or sailing lessons at Aspat Sailing School.

Header Image by Lavinia Cernau