Calling all turkey basters and roast potato fluffers. Does the thought of Christmas send you into a downward spiral of Christmas fatigue? Are you tired of the Christmas admin and it's only September? Well, we know a place where you won't need to lift a finger and relaxation is the country's raison d'etre. Enter, Christmas in the Maldives. An idyllic set of islands with water so blue that rumour has it even Father Christmas takes a break from present delivering for a quick dip. Jokes aside, a thoroughly spoiling Maldives Christmas holiday is all about impeccable service, eating like a King/Queen
(delete as appropriate) and enjoying nature's beauty. If you can drag yourself away from the sunlounger, the diving is world class and you can rest assured that any children in tow will be well entertained at one of the equally esteemed kids clubs or by endless fun activities. A quick word to the wise (men and women): Christmas in the Maldives is an increasingly popular concept and the best resorts book up extremely quickly so be sure to think WAY ahead.

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We were lucky enough to meet Amy whilst in Belize and so were able to describe what we were looking for in a Maldives holiday. She matched it perfectly. Every aspect of the resort was exactly what we were looking for.
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