Skeleton Coast Safaris: an Overview

The Skeleton Coast is home to some of the most remote wilderness areas of Namibia, and this remains one of Original Travel's favourite African experiences. So named after the shipwrecks that litter the shore, the Skeleton Coast includes the whole Namibian coastline and continues across the border some 130 miles into Angola.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Visiting the Skeleton Coast is a 'once in a lifetime' experience (admittedly a big budget one) for those with a taste for remoteness, epic wildlife and mind-blowing scenery
  • Because one minute you might be flying along the coast and the next you have landed on the hard sand shoreline to see a colony of seals up close
  • The Skeleton Coast has entire gemstone beaches littered with brilliant semi-precious stones such as garnets, agate and amethysts. Unfortunately no-one is allowed to remove any from the National Park

Skeleton Coast Safaris: The Detail

A major feature of a flying safari across the Skeleton Coast is the use of light aircraft. Flights at 'sea' level provide outstanding bird's-eye views of seal colonies, diverse geological formations and - if you're lucky - the endangered black rhino, and sometimes the planes come in to land on the beach.

Once on the ground, Land Rovers are used to explore the environment close up and discover interesting flora and fauna, such as desert-adapted elephants or the strange 'living fossil' Welwitschia plant. These safaris are not just about the game but more to experience the freedom, beauty and strange solitude of the area. Itineraries include 4x4 driving on enormous dunes, visits to ancient Bushman rock art and to a settlement of the nomadic Himba people.

Further north, the Kunene River forms the border with Angola and is the only permanent source of water in the whole region, creating a lush oasis along its banks surrounded by rugged mountains and sand dunes. We can arrange boating trips on the river where you can spot crocodiles lazing on the banks.

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