Along the Kuene River, on the border with Angola, live the last of Namibia’s Himba tribe, an indigenous people with a very traditional way of life, who are thought to be the last semi-nomadic people in Namibia. They are predominantly cow and goat breeders but also cultivate crops such as maize, meaning they often have a homestead where these crops are grown, and move around throughout the year depending on rainfall. Their camps are scattered around Kaokoland in the far north of the country, often in very isolated spots, and getting the chance to meet these Himba people is a truly unique experience.
The women traditionally coat their hair and body with a mixture of ochre earth, cream and ashes and wear just goatskin skirts around their waists. A trip to Himba country can also include visits to natural beauties such as the Epupa and Marienfluss waterfalls or the red dunes of Sossusvlei.

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The Himba People Guide

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