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The charming Nord-Pinus sits pretty on foundations that perfectly encapsulate the ancient nature of Tangier – the original Roman town of Tingis was overlain with the high citadel or kasbah in which the hotel rests on the remains of an old Portuguese fortress.

This many historical layers (with a bit of help from the natural geography, admittedly) mean that Nord-Pinus has an almost unparalleled setting overlooking the kasbah, the Straits of Gibraltar and Tarifa in Spain beyond.

There are just seven rooms and suites designed in a delicious combination of decorative styles with tasteful nods to North Africa, Europe and Asia thanks to antique Moroccan furniture, brass beds from France and fabrics from India throughout. Five of the bedrooms are in the main building with another two around the corner which can work for a family travelling together and looking for a bit of privacy.

The deeply tasteful décor extends beyond the bedrooms to the locally handmade tiled floors and Levantine chandeliers and cedar doors throughout the property, and the grand salon Marocain, the main restaurant. Here the kitchen team create excellent Moroccan dishes from wood fire cooked tagines to fresh seafood dishes accompanied by vegetables bought daily from the markets of the medina.

While the dining room is a lovely place to eat, the four rooftop terraces are prettiness personified and an equally lovely setting, with appropriately amazing views of the city and sea. Early evening, this is also the place to enjoy a selection of Moroccan and Lebanese wines or a crisp, cold Casablanca beer while admiring the views. Dreamy.

Why We Love It
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Because it's quite simply the best place to stay in town, but with only seven rooms that means you need to book way, way in advance. Call us!

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