• Football is the most popular sport in Morocco. It was the first African country to make the second round of the World Cup
  • By law, all buildings in Marrakech must be red. The city is built on red clay and all original buildings were made out of it. Not hard to see how the city earnt the moniker ‘the Red City’
  • Around 40% of the population are Berbers, Morocco’s first inhabitants, who live nomadic lifestyles in the mountains and desert
  • The Atlas Mountains are home to the highest ski resort in Africa, called Oukaimeden, which sits at an altitude of 8,500ft to 10,500ft
  • The liver (as opposed to the heart) is considered the symbol of love in Morocco - Morocco has four imperial cities (Rabat, Fez, Meknes and Rabat). Each has, at one time, been the country’s capital city. Marrakech is the current.
  • It is considered rude to handle food in your left hand
  • There are currently more active mobile phones than people in Morocco, with around 48 million mobile phones compared to the 36 million people that live in the country
  • The most popular drink in Morocco is green tea with mint and sugar. Across the country, tea making is considered an art form and best served with family and friends
  • The city of Fez is the oldest medieval city in the world. It was founded in the ninth century and was the country’s capital up until 1912
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