Kenya is a country overflowing with natural wonders – vibrant grasslands, snow-white beaches, imposing mountains and national parks teeming with wildlife. With so much to see, it’s paramount that journeys between locations are free of any unwanted hassle or bumps in the road (that’s where we come in). While your transport in Kenya will consist of chartered flights and private transfers, the following are the ways you'll see locals hopping from A to B.


While foreign travellers tend to favour other modes of transport, taking the bus is a cost-friendly and comfortable way to roll around Kenya. In the capital city of Nairobi, there’s an effective government-run bus system that spills out into the surrounding suburbs. Additionally, several privately run bus companies have routes spanning across the country, with some long-haul buses decked out with recliner seats and Wi-Fi.


Running between Nairobi (the capital) and Mombasa (the second-largest city) is the Madaraka Express, a passenger train that travels through some of Kenya’s most stunning landscapes. If you’re heading back towards the capital, you’ll even catch a peak at Kilimanjaro. It runs three times a day, taking between five and six hours (a long way from the old sleeper train that took 15 hours).


Matatus are shared minibuses, the most common form of public transport in Kenya among locals. They leave their destination when they’re full, meaning there’s no fixed timetable, but with fixed and affordable fares they’re a great option for Kenyans to get around.


Motorcycle taxis, called boda-boda's, are commonly used by locals. You’ll see these speedy little vehicles weaving between traffic, and tooting their way through most towns and cities.


There are a handful of domestic airports in Kenya that offer connections between the likes of Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi, the Lamu Archipelago and other airports close to national parks. The are multiple airlines operating, all offering a reliable and quick form of transport in Kenya.


Free for passengers on foot, taking the ferry is a great way to cross the Likoni Channel and soak in views of the Indian Ocean. Sailing across the waters allows you to travel between Mombasa Island and the mainland, and also visit the beach resorts of Diani and Galu.

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