Israel at a glance

Few destinations offer such an alluring portfolio of possibility in such a small space. Spend time in the desert; enjoy some serious nightlife; dive unspoilt reefs then immerse yourself in 30 centuries of history. Read our Israel travel guide to learn everything you need to know about this fascinating and hugely rewarding destination. In the Negev Desert, you can explore the gigantic erosion crater of Makhtesh Ramon on foot or by 4x4, feeling as if you’re on another planet altogether. Then, just two and a half hours by car later you’ll be in the buzz of Tel Aviv, sampling sensational cuisine, drinking coffee in hipster hangouts, dancing in grungy bunker nightclubs and shopping in chic concept stores.
As for history, it is everywhere. Every step you take in each of Jerusalem's Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian neighbourhoods is steeped in significance and heritage. Everything is intertwined in this city of poignant beauty. Visit the fortress of Masada, built during the reign of King Herod above the Dead Sea, and go further north to feel the Ottoman spirit of the old city of Acre, another of Israel’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the beach of Mosch in Eilat, in Bora Bora on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, or in Palmachim in the Mediterranean, you can then a few days of sun and sea while you process the astonishing things you’ve seen, done and learnt.
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