Mount Nebo is a place of great religious and historical significance complete with dramatic views over The Dead Sea, the Jordan River valley, Jericho, Bethlehem and the distant hills of Jerusalem. As you walk toward the summit of Mount Nebo, take in the pleasant scent of olive trees and feel a cool breeze on your face. When you reach its peak, enjoy a bird’s-eye view over the Dead Sea stretching out below; despite its vast size it is actually a lake. At the top of Mount Nebo, you'll see why the monument is so magnificent. There's an ancient monastery where monks lived during biblical times, a church
built by King Herod Antipas after Jesus died, and the memorials to Moses, created in his honour. Legend has it, that after he parted the Red Sea, so he and his people could escape from the Pharaoh’s army, Moses stood on the windswept summit of Mount Nebo overlooking The Promised Land (Canaan). It's also believed that he was buried atop Mount Nebo. The Church of St. John the Baptist stands tall next to these other monuments; it was constructed on the ground where John baptized Jesus before his crucifixion.

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Mount Nebo Guide

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