With the ancient Kings Highway leading east and the Dead Sea at its back, this once-fortified town in Jordan offers a glimpse of what life was like centuries ago. Karak Castle, built by the Crusaders in 1142 A.D., dominates the view from inside and out of this ancient city. It stands over 2,900ft above sea level within walls that once protected a flourishing metropolis. This historic city offers a wealth of cultural opportunities, from its ancient ruins to the modern art museums. Whether you want to learn about Middle Eastern culture or experience a fairy-tale honeymoon, Karak Castle's labyrinth
of endless passageways and stone-vaulted halls will leave you breathless. The city of Karak was built on top of many different civilizations, and it’s well worth taking a private tour with a local guide to learn about the tow’s fascinating stories and traditions. When you’ve worked up an appetite, our Concierge can recommend the best foodie spots to try. The local cuisine is an important part of everyday life in Karak, with dishes that have been preserved since ancient times, including mansaf (a rice dish), kibbeh nayyeh (meatballs) and falafel (needs no introduction).

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Kerak Castle Guide

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