Itinerary Highlights
    • Petra, Wadi Rum, The Dead Sea: come to Jordan for a great weekend away

    • Already included in the itinerary: Petra by night, a trip through the desert

    • An evening of weightlessness on the Dead Sea: an opportunity like no other to switch off, and let yourself go

    • Private driver, access to our local Concierge: our usual additional services

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If you're looking for a change of scenery this weekend rather than yet another visit to the British Museum, why not go and see Petra? Here, you'll find a wealth of oriental antiquities, on site. You'll also experience generous Bedouin hospitality, as well as ancient landscapes. In Amman, you can make a detour through the remains of the temple of Hercules and learn about the great philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius - during whose reign the temple was built - before taking the road to magnificent city of Petra. A great deal has already been said about the majesty of this Nabataean city. Despite this, it still dazzles visitors: when you see it in person, it's something else altogether.
Petra is beautiful from below, from above, close up, and from afar. It is a dizzying spectacle. The Wadi Rum; dunes, mountains, the odd tree here and there, giant stone bridges to climb, a hot tea, the sight of camels swaying on the horizon, and the purity of the sky. And before returning, one night on the shore of the Dead Sea, for its desolate landscapes with nothing to disturb the striking calm, and to float, weightless, and relax.


To make the most of your three days on site, in your itinerary we have included a visit to Petra at night - discovering the 'Treasury'; in the glow of the candlelight, it is nothing short of magical - and a trip to the desert, during which you will be accompanied by a Bedouin driver. To help you get the most out of the journey, save you time and make you comfortable, you will also benefit from seamless transport and personalised services. Airport arrival reception, private transfers in air-conditioned vehicles with drivers, and private guides who know all there is to know about their country. And in case of unforeseen circumstances or last-minute decisions our local Concierge, can be contacted at any time to assist you.


Everything is 100% tailored to you

Flight to Amman

Transfer to your hotel, a villa with ten bright and comfortable rooms, and a rooftop terrace overlooking a flowery garden. With a history stretching back over 9,000 years, Amman is now a sprawling city, home to half the Jordanian population. You won't be able to see all the sights in just a few hours, but the old souq, the remains of the temple of Hercules built under Mark Aurelius, King Abdullah's mosque, and the lively streets are a good starting point.


Amman - Petra

Private transfer to Petra. On the road, with a stop at Madaba, where Byzantine mosaics in the Greek church of St. George chronicle the ancient Holy Land; and at Kerak, at the foot of the walls of a castle built by the Crusaders, and where 5000 of them successfully drove back Saladin's assaults.
Accommodation for two nights at the entrance to Petra, in a hotel fit for the 21st-century traveller - with spacious and comfortable rooms - but also with striking aspects of Nabataean architecture: the bar is located in a cave dating back 2000 years!
Included in the itinerary - Petra by night. Discovering the caravan city and its necropolis in the light of thousands of candles is an extraordinary and particularly moving experience.



Cut from sandstone, Petra is a mille-feuille, with layer upon layer of the history of the biblical, Arab, Roman and Byzantine worlds, including each era's architecture, urban planning, irrigation and international trade. After walking through it by candlelight, you'll visit the caravan city in daylight: the city and its necropolis lives up to travellers' wildest dreams.



Included in the itinerary - With a local driver/guide, you'll take a 4x4 to visit some of the iconic sites of Wadi Rum. Here, water and wind have carved out huge arches, described by Lawrence of Arabia as 'vast, echoing and God-like'. As well as this, there are the calm imposing rock formations which stretch out as far as the eye can see, the canyons and gueltas (water in rocky hollows), where some walls have been decorated by men.
You'll spend the night at the northern tip of the Dead Sea, in a traditional village transformed into a luxury hotel. The facilities are first-rate and it goes without saying that in a place like this, the spa would naturally have to be top-of-the-range as well: the medicinal qualities of the Dead Sea have been celebrated for a very long time. You can swim in the hotel's beautiful swimming pools, but you may prefer to go down to the beach, bathing in/on the healing water as it carries you aloft. From the gardens or from one of the restaurants, you'll find that this rocky lakeside landscape has a special feeling of peace.


Dead Sea - Amman - return flight

Transfer to Amman Airport and return flight.

A la carte

Cooking classes in Petra

mansaf, maqluba, athan al-shayeb... Jordanian cuisine is really something, and you haven't even scratched the surface yet. It would therefore be a good idea to delve deeper and develop the skills that will help you to delight any visiting friends once you return home. Under the guidance of a chef, you will quickly learn the ropes and get started, soon the dishes will be simmering and your tummy will be rumbling.

Optional - Dinner

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £2,680 to £3,305per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost will vary according to several factors, including the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average cost for this trip is £2,855 per person.
  • International flights with a scheduled airline

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge

  • Personalised welcome at the airport

  • Private transfers included in the itinerary

  • Overnight stay in Amman in a double room with breakfast

  • Two-night stay in Petra in a double room with breakfast

  • Overnight stay north of the Dead Sea in a double room with half board

  • Ticket to visit Petra at night

  • Half day in the Wadi Rum Desert, with 4x4 and a private driver

  • Our local Concierge service

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