As the believed birthplace of Jesus Christ and home to numerous ancient biblical sites, Bethlehem holidays are an amazing opportunity to explore the holy city and learn about its long past. Bethlehem has a rich history, beginning in 1400 BC continuing through to the Greeks and Romans, and today it's a bustling city that offers visitors a glimpse into this ancient past and its vibrant modern culture. Marvel at the stunning views of Manger Square, gaze up at the Mar Saba Monastery or explore the Church of Nativity – thought to be the birthplace of Jesus and one of the oldest churches in the world.
There's more to a Bethlehem holiday than its history, though. Haggle your way through outdoor markets where vendors sell everything from religious souvenirs and olive wood carvings to henna tattoos and handmade jewellery. Join a private guide around the Banksy Hotel, Museum and Gallery, followed by an adventure seeking out the elusive street artists' hidden work throughout the city. The Christmas markets at Manger Square are the highlight of Bethlehem's winter season - a warm and festive place to enjoy local delicacies, traditional Arabic music and dance performances, as well as Christmas decorations that will transport you into Bethlehem’s past.

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